Carroll, Red Daughters, Fire in the Northern Firs, Ghost Towns of the West


Kickin' it old school.

Red Daughters

“We just recently returned from a two week stay in Big Sur, California where we wandered the forest with a bunch of stoned out folk and worked on new material,” is the explanation for why I couldn’t find much info on Red Daughters’ Myspace about their new album.
Sounds like something my friends who are into jam bands would say, but Red Daughters are serving up some ballsy countrified rock-and-roll true to the Minnesota soil that bred Dylan. And, truth be told, I do prefer my bands wandering out in the woods rather than updating their Myspace. The debut album, Ugly Horses, is due out August 8th. -The Tripwire -

Fire in the Northern Firs

Fire in the Northern Firs stitches together a darkly beautiful monster of psychedlelia, shoegaze, improvisational music that draws equally from Siouxsie Sioux and Mogwai, Dead Can Dance and Swans. Like the Bride of Frankenstein meets a belligerent wine-o meets Found Magazine.

With Carin Barno (of First Communion After Party) on augmented vocals, guitarist Adam Kirsch (of Good Day, Montag) consistently harshing your buzz with walls o’ sound and galvanized histrionics, and Sun in the Satellite’s former rhythm soldiers Shane Kramer and Scott Weller rounding out the overwhelming shoegaze-cum-Turing-Machine aesthetic, you’re in for a loud case of blown-out dreamcore .

~Will Wlizlo,

Ghost Towns of the West

"With its widescreen songs, beefy production and ace musicianship — the lineup includes a terrific saxophone player — the album sounds like an old-fashioned major-label production, not the first fruits of a young band. Expect to hear more from these guys." - Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press

"Judging by my initial listening reactions, Ghost Towns of the West qualify as a true find filling an under-served niche on the local scene. Their 6 track debut EP was recorded this past December at Ed Ackerson's renowned Flowers Studio, and it's a smoky and haunted affair with more than a bit of the Doors dark mojo in its lithe keyboard lines." - Rob Van Alstyne, Twin Cities Metromix

"I hesitate to call this a guitar album because of the brilliant mix of instruments throughout the six tracks that makeup up the self-titled debut from Ghost Towns of the West... They also demonstrate the same respect for Neil Young’s influence on grunge music that Pearl Jam championed most notably on 'Tall Green Grass' which pairs Young influenced rhythm guitar with McCready influenced lead guitar." - David Stein, Listener's Guild

“It's almost an aural diary with some of the most complex, mind-blowing music you'll ever hear backing it... A stunning, super-memorable collection of songs." - Tom Hallett, ‘Round The Dial Magazine


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