Commonwealth assembled in Phoenixville, PA after a group of long-time friends, all seasoned in their own respective genres of music, attempted to melt down everything they’d learned into one project. Just a few months of practice together in early 2013 showed them that their experiment was something worth pursuing. Appealing to a broad audience while anchored by an indie-rock sound, Commonwealth stands by their mission since day one – Music for People.

Sleepers Lie

Five friends. Parties. Brews. Rippin. Skateboarding. Fireworks. Punk Rock. Real Life. Jersey Fresh. x413x

Stereo Coma

It's through acceptance, it's through honesty,
it's through saying you have no fucking idea when the end is.
The end is now, the end was here right in the beginning.

Expect nothing and accept everything,
forget about living longer,
live better.
In your life you will lose more than you gain,
your friends, your family, your reason will all fade and go away -
but this, all of this, is something we made.
this is Stereo Coma.



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