Contrairement à la pensée générale, Groenland est non seulement une île glaciale, mais aussi une formation musicale établie à Montréal. Fondé par Sabrina Halde (voix, ukulélé, clavier, percussions) et Jean-Vivier Lévesque (claviers, électro, percussions), ancien membre des groupes Roi Poisson et Le Citoyen, le groupe propose une pop indie orchestrale sur des textes à la fois sombres et remplis d’espoir in English. Les autres membres du groupe, Jonathan Charette (batterie), Simon Gosselin (basse), Gabrielle Girard-Charest (violoncelle) et Fanny C. Laurin (violon), élèvent symbiotiquement la voix mélancolique et mélodieuse de Sabrina. Influencée par ses études en chant jazz, cette dernière s’inspire de sa vie, avec ses émotions en toile de fond, pour ficeler des mots aux compositions.

Inventif, rafraîchissant (Marc-André Mongrain,, Groenland a récemment fait sa marque au Festival Artefact (2012), au MEG (2012) et à Pop Montréal (2011) ainsi qu’en première partie de Fanny Bloom au Cercle, à Québec.

Le premier album de Groenland, intitulé The Chase, est maintenant disponible sous l'étiquette Bonsound.


Groenland may be a frigid Arctic country, but it is also a Montreal-based band. Formed by Sabrina Halde (vocals, ukelele, keyboards, percussions) and Jean-Vivier Lévesque (keyboards, electro, percussions), former member of the bands Roi Poisson and Le Citoyen, the group's music is made up of warm orchestral indie pop tunes accompanied by lyrics that are both dark and hopeful. The other band members, Jonathan Charette (drums), Simon Gosselin (bass), Gabrielle Girard-Charest (cello) and Fanny C. Laurin (violin), elevate Sabrina's melancholic, melodious voice to new heights. Drawing on her vocal studies (primarily in jazz), she finds inspiration in her own emotions. This essentially binds the lyrics to the music, creating songs that are both present and premonitory.

Inventive, refreshing (Marc-André Mongrain,, 2012/06/04), Groenland recently made its mark at the Festival Artefact (2012), MEG (2012) and Pop Montreal (2011). The band also opened for Fanny Bloom at Le Cercle, in Quebec City.

Groenland's debut album, titled The Chase, is now available via Bonsound.

Pony Girl explores the tension between what we want and what we have on their sophomore album FOREIGN LIFE. Guy-girl pop vocals score the foreign lives we create when we cheat on a partner, lose a friend, force a smile, and further divides separating fantasy from reality. Pascal Huot and Yolande Laroche’s alluring harmony is our paradox as we struggle to close the distance.

Cascading guitars, pulsing beats, and electronic hums colour these stories with extraordinary kaleidoscopic twists and turns. Chords punctuate thoughts. Silences make regret linger. Strings swell with emotion. Foreign Life is a soundtrack to our common memory so vivid, so raw, so urgent that to listen is to relive.

The Ottawa collective have been lauded for their “evocative soundscapes” (CBC Radio), “ability to push the boundaries that define ‘pop-rock’” (Mixtape Magazine), and “musical depth quite astonishing to experience” (Exclaim!) since the release of their debut album, SHOW ME YOUR FEARS, in 2013. Audiences have been mesmerized by their sets at festivals including Ottawa Bluesfest, CityFolk, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Arboretum, and on several tours of Eastern Canada. Pony Girl released FOREIGN LIFE through So Sorry Records on November 7, 2015.



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