Westword and Herman's Hideaway bring you the 5th Annual "Best of the West" featuring 60+ of the hottest and most up and coming bands in Colorado!! Winner gets to play main stage Red Rocks this summer on a packed Film on the Rocks event, $4000 cash and a studio package (4 Track EP ) w/ world class local recording studio The Decibel Garden & Sky Theory Studios ... All participating bands get paid!!! Along with the fans having a vote. Remember each night is judged in a 3 part system. Half the points come from each bands draw(either the color coded Tix or full paid at door or in advance and make sure they know who your there to see !:)), half comes from a panel of industry professionals. Also the crowd is one part of the judging panel so make sure you stick around tell the end of the show to scream your vote to the DB meter. All tie breakers are decided by the panel.

Partners with:
Red Rocks Parks & Amphitheater, The Decibel Garden, Sky Theory Studio, Westword, Strainwise, OmTown Threads, Budweiser and Cannabis Energy Drink.


In 1947, the late Dutch-American astronomer Dr. Bart J. Bok was researching an unusual formation in space. Unlike most formations, Dr. Bok discovered sufficient traces of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur forming dozens of complex molecules. Thorough research of the formation revealed that the roughly spherical region of the gas cloud would eventually extend over a distance about 7,000 times that of Earth's orbit around the Sun, then instantaneously implode and create four super musicians on earth.
Dr. Bok, called the phenomenon "Mushege," a native American term that meant "wild with madness," because that was the nature of the formation. Dr. Bok felt a bizarre connection with formation, and predicted that the Mushege implosion would eventually mark his death.

Sure enough, the phenomenon Mushege occurred the same day Dr. Bart J. Bok was found dead on his basketball court next to his dead gay wolf. Astronomers said their telescopes detected a radial flow of the tracer molecules, arising primarily from the outer parts of the collapsing cloud that extended a beam to planet earth, yielding four subjects.

The subjects were kept under close observation. They had remarkable orbs of rotating matter around them astronomers called "begaafdhied muziek," the Dutch term for "musical talent."

Early in the 21st century, to the observatory's demise, Mushege unleashed their musical fury on the astronomers penetrating nearly 5000 ear holes. They broke out, and now they play around Denver, and continue to penetrate ear holes with awesomeness!

Torch The Wagon

The spark that started the blaze happened on the summer solstice of 2008 when Torch the Wagon rose from the ashes of the previous bands the members had been in. The fire has only gotten hotter as Torch the Wagon continues to burn up the local scene playing some of Denver's hottest venues.

Torch the Wagon was formed by Jeff Simeral, the drummer from the popular local band Stepshort, and Jeff Johnson, a fresh newcomer to the Denver scene. The two Jeffs toiled day and night to build the finest wagon the world had ever seen. After 40 days and nights of devoted labor, the wagon was built. They then immediately set the wagon ablaze and recorded the resulting glorious inferno, creating their debut EP, "Longest Day of the Year".

Jeff Simeral (lead vocalist and rhythm guitar) electrifies crowds with his magnetic charisma and raw sex appeal. Jeff Johnson (lead guitar and backup vocals) is a charming devil destined from creation to ignite your soul with his red-hot guitar licks and suave sophistication. Mat Bell puts the bass in your face like it's some kind of race. Spencer Perkins lowers the boom with his hard-hitting, face-crushing drums of fury.

Torch the Wagon's music is a diverse, decadent blend of grunge, punk, stoner rock, and classic rock, and influences include such bands as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and many, many more, which means that Torch the Wagon isn't just for anyone – it's for everyone. Their passion for all things rock shines through in their energetic, sizzling live shows. The only thing they can't do is disappoint.

So listen to Torch the Wagon, and remember:

"We aim to please, and we never miss." – Torch the Wagon

Emergency Pullout (EPO)

Emergency Pullout hails from Denver, Colorado where a young music scene has been born. From this new scene bands like The Fray, 3oh!3, The Flobots, Devotchka, and Tickle Me Pink have put Denver on the map. While other multi-platinum artists like One Republic and Rise Against call Denver a second home. Denver is now in the spotlight to bring more great music to the world. Emergency Pullout (or EPO for short) is ready to take on the task and has been working hard making name for themselves in the Mile High City. Playing the cities best local music venues like the legendary Herman's Hideaway and the new local favorite Moe's Original BBQ and Bowling, being featured on 93.3 KTCL's Local's Only Radio Show, playing with up and coming national acts like Warner Drive and Tommy and the High Pilots, and being selected to play in Westword's Best of the West Competition. EPO has been hailed as one of the most original bands by making their own style of funk/rock with a touch of blues and a hint of soul that can best be described as music that makes you want to dance. Their self-produced debut EP "Your Future Depends On It" available on itunes and local record stores in Denver and their upcoming EP "1000 Feet" has people abuzz about a great new sound. The members of EPO have known each other since high school and have been in various projects throughout the years but came together with their desire to make great music in 2009. Tyler Munkres brings the beats on the drums, Erik Smiley funks it up on the bass, Eric Sturgeon lays down the intricate guitar melodies, Miss Simone McGinnis hits the high notes on the trumpet, and Shaun Nelson soothes the soul with his passionate and unique voice. Together they are Emergency Pullout, the best thing to happen since the state since gave you your medical marijuana card.

Breakneck Betty

Experimental Rock from Lakewood, CO


Princess is a band of brothers and friends. They come together as a unit to play good, old fashion rock and roll with a dark side. There music is cultivated from that which meant to be hidden; a box of secrets filled with all their personal experiences and maybe that evil clown that haunted a childhood.

Lead singer and guitarist Jacob Warner believes good music transcends genre. Not a classically trained musician, Jacob pulls his inspiration from many great musicians like Love and Rockets, U2 and Depeche Mode. “They have become fast friends,” he says of his band mates, “I am proud to make music with them.”

C3 brings an extended range bass to the mix. His 9 string is tuned down to a low F#. His showmanship doesn’t end there. When not worshiping at the alter of Tony Levin, he finds influences from Geddy Lee of Rush and Chris Squire of Yes. C3 may certainly show up in a cape. He will melt your face in a way Nickleback never could. “I consider them my family,” C3 says about the members of Princess, “They keep me in check and I cannot imagine my life without them.”

With eclectic historical and modern musical roots from all around the world, Dray is likely to be listening to Robert Johnson delta blues master, Swedish experimental metal Meshuggah, Ravi Shankar, or the French heavy metal band Gojira, or classical icon Richard Wagner. Dray drives the beats of Princess. “Someday, I would love for us to play Red Rocks, but playing a few times a month builds up anticipation and seems to be a little more special.” Dray says about Princess’s future.

The music that comes is birthed very organically. With C3 and Dray developing the core riffs and rhythms, Jacob and Dray converge with meaningful words. The trio fine tune the songs until your orgasmic response is, “Holy Crap. Where did that come from?”

Princess isn’t a band you will find in a dance off. They are more likely to be the ones starting the mosh pit, kicking the shit out of their challengers. Princess are more likely to be driving the caravan straight in to the heart of the universe at 66,700 mph on a low rumbling Harley, a clown car, and a special sized school bus… while Jacob wears a tiara.

$5.00 - $10.00


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