Westword and Herman's Hideaway bring you the 5th Annual "Best of the West" featuring 60+ of the hottest and most up and coming bands in Colorado!! Winner gets to play main stage Red Rocks this summer on a packed Film on the Rocks event, $4000 cash and a studio package (4 Track EP ) w/ world class local recording studio The Decibel Garden & Sky Theory Studios ... All participating bands get paid!!! Along with the fans having a vote. Remember each night is judged in a 3 part system. Half the points come from each bands draw(either the color coded Tix or full paid at door or in advance and make sure they know who your there to see !:)), half comes from a panel of industry professionals. Also the crowd is one part of the judging panel so make sure you stick around tell the end of the show to scream your vote to the DB meter. All tie breakers are decided by the panel.

Partners with:
Red Rocks Parks & Amphitheater, The Decibel Garden, Sky Theory Studio, Westword, Strainwise, OmTown Threads, Budweiser and Cannabis Energy Drink.

Arise in Chaos

Arise In Chaos is:
Dustin Griboski - Vocals
Jeramy Matheson - Drums
Ryan Orr - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Cameron Burris - Rhythm Guitar
John Vickers - Bass Guitar

Formed in the spring of 2010 with the founding members Dustin, Jeramy and Cameron, Arise In Chaos had begun. The music they wrote was incredible, but it needed the support of two awesome thrashers in the form of guitarist Ryan and bassist John, who filled the void in 2011. Specializing in groove, thrash, and progressive metal, Arise in Chaos sent a shockwave through the local metal scene, and is about to bring American Heavy Metal at it's very best to the world. With humble beginnings in Denver Colorado, Arise In Chaos has shed blood, sweat, and tears to release the upcoming debut album "Civilization Decay", which will shake the globe in October of 2012. Having a whole cast of members that gained experience from heavy metal acts such as; Downtied, Only Chaos, Pariah, and Wading Through Corpses - Arise In Chaos has the talent, energy, and drive to become a new powerhouse in the worldwide metal community. The Chaos is coming!

Fist Fight

Born from the Colorado metal scene, rarely does a band this versatile and powerful come about, with goals of dominating audiences and searing their blazing sound into the minds of those listening. By way of a thunderous approach, Fist Fight is a combination of numerous musical philosophies and styles which comes at you from every possible angle. Utilizing raw, yet polished techniques at the same time, they fold in a unique blend of technical ability, hardcore, grove and traditional metal riffs accompanied by punkish tones, and a level of unforeseen forceful aggression that commands notice by pounding onlookers' teeth down their throats with a take no prisoners attitude.

The initial foundation of Fist Fight was laid in December 2010 when guitarists Jon Maggard and Nich Rich began to build the band from the ground up. Bassist Adrian Montoya joined the duo in March 2011, and after trying out several drummers and
vocalists, drummer Chris Day and frontman Dustin Holmer solidified the monster collection of talent to create Fist Fight.

With decades of collective experience in the music industry, the members of Fist Fight come from an impressive resume of bands, of which a partial list includes Less Than Under, Chromax, Control Element, Guilty Of Aggression, Skapegoat and Ceverence. Their members have also performed alongside well-known bands such as Hed PE, Snot, Motograter, Hemlock, LA Guns, White Lion and Chimera, to name just a few. Through hard work and natural talent, Fist Fight is poised to set the metal world on fire with an explosive sound that, prior to the band's inception, was unheard of.

Fist Fight uses Shure Microphones, Gibson, Jackson, Epiphone and BC Rich Guitars, four and five-string Schecter Basses, Dunlop Sharp Picks, POD Pros, Mesa Boogie Amps, Peavey/Carvin Cabs, Eminence Speakers, SWR Workingman and Peavey Heads, Monster Cables, Pearl Export Series Drums, Ziljian Cymbals, Pearl Hardware, Pedalstand Evans/Aquarian Drum Heads and Vic Firth 5b Sticks.

Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard; the era of the mighty Fist Fight has just begun.


inoculate is a 5 piece Alternative Metal band from Denver, Colorado.
Inoculate (stylized inoculate) is a 5 piece Alternative Metal band from Denver, Colorado.

The bands heritage is rooted in 1998, when at 13 years old, Guitarist Michael DiazSantiago and Percussionist Patrik Vormittag began playing together. The nucleus formed would strengthen over a decade later when Guitarist Nikko Gallardo joined an unnamed musical project in the fall of 2009. Obscure intervention would bring Bassist Paul Gerhardstein into the fold and by spring of 2010, the nameless group would become known as inoculate. The nucleus was strong, but incomplete. The final piece came in the fall of 2013 when Vocalist Scott Beckman joined the group. The sedation period was over and a new awakening had begun.

We are a nucleus of humbled musicians, stronger together than apart and dedicated to our craft. Our name is a suggestion to our beliefs; Music is an infectious medium and contains the power to persuade and elevate your being. Are you ready to be inoculated?

Blindfold The Devil

Blindfold The Devil is a dedicated Melodic Thrash Metal band from Denver, Colorado. Blindfold The Devil has been around for two years and has many different members but has finally become the best the band has ever been. James Romero, being the only original member, is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Derrick Peters is the thriving pulse of the band that is the drummer.Kevin Polinksi is the professinally trained lead guitarist.Finally Patrick Leyn is the newest member and bass player of Blindfold The Devil. The band has worked as hard as possible to get where they are and do it for their love of the music and their strive to succeed and be the best.

Frank was created in 2012 with the hope of creating misic we love for people we love. We all came from metal backgrounds and wanted to create music that everyone could appriciate... We are Frank.

Bass- Andy Hart
Drums- Jason Erwood
Guitars- Greg Sotile
Guitars- Eric Bloomquist
Vocals- Mike Smith

$5.00 - $10.00


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