Formed in 2004, Colorado’s CRYOGEN have far exceeded any original expectations. Their unique take on melodic death metal has received much praise from the metal community with comments like “If you like (later) Amon Amarth, (early) In Flames or The Absence, this is for you.” And – “Think Hypocrisy and In Flames trading blows with Lamb Of God and Shadows Fall.”

With 5 releases under their belt, countless live shows sharing bills with the likes of God Forbid, Skinlab, Flatline, Divine Heresy, The Absence, Kittie, Allegaeon, Into Eternity, Arsis, among others. – CRYOGEN are more determined than ever to spread their music to an even wider fanbase. With the newest edition of Greg Burgess (Allegaeon, Combustion Mechanism) on guitar, the next evolution of CRYOGEN has only just begun.

CRYOGEN is endorsed by Blakhart guitars and Madison amps.

Having released ‘Premonition’ in 2005 and the critically acclaimed ‘This Nightmare’ in 2007, CRYOGEN is gearing up for the release of their new 6 song EP ‘Psalms of Deceit’, recorded at MindCycle Studios by Ryan Conner (lead vox, rhythm guitar) and mastered by Alan Douches (Nile, Shadows Fall, Hate Eternal, God Forbid).

CRYOGEN recently made an appearance at the 2008 Indianapolis Metalfest (feat. Divine Heresy, Arsis, The Absence, Threat Signal, and more) and was featured at the 2007 Milwaukee Metalfest (feat. God Forbid, Skinlab, Thy Will Be Done, Flatline, and more). Tour stops in WY, KS, UT, NE, OH, IN, IL, and WI as well as innumerable Colorado dates have cemented their reputation as a brutal live act.

CRYOGEN has been featured in various print magazines, including Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, Metal Maniacs, and Pit. They have also been featured on numerous web review and publication sites receiving praise from the metal underground both nationally and internationally. CRYOGEN is currently endorsed by Madison Amps.

Combustion Mechanism

The Combustion Mechanism was started with one unique goal: Create music that is entertaining to the common listener, while still being intriguing to the studied musician.

Enter Greg Burgess and his lineup of talented musicians: Greg (guitar), Laura Johnson-LeDoux (drums), Shonna Montoya (bass). Greg and his crew were looking to start a new and refreshing metal band in the Denver scene, and Greg contacted Sean Babiniec (guitar) who then contacted Tyler Reschke (clean vocals) to fill out the rest of the lineup.

After a few practices and writing sessions it was clear that a unanimous vision was shared, a vision that reflected the true goal of The Combustion Mechanism. So the new crew adopted the name and spirit of TCM and began to write music that will be an entertainment staple in Denver, as well as be a learning process for both the band and the fans.

The amount of talent and previous track records of each member in the band is astonishing, therefore, only individual biographies will truly introduce the band.

Member Bios:

Greg Burgess-

Greg holds a bachelors degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. He Moonlights as the lead/rhythm guitarist in the Metal Blade band Allegaeon. A certified Suzuki instructor, he has held teaching positions at the Denver branch of Paul Green's School of Rock Music, and was an instructor at the prestigious Music Institute of Lexington. His arrangements have been featured on MTV's "Made", and he has toured extensively through the Midwest with Classical Guitar Ensembles, and as a solo artist.

Laura Johnson-LeDoux-

Laura started playing rudiments on the snare when she was 9 with a few lessons from her dad and continued with a self-study education from there. She started on the kit in middle school where she played for the Jazz Band and was the only female drummer to make the All-City Band in 6th grade. She joined her first Denver-based band when she was 18, where she met bassist Shonna. Her first show in front of a crowd was opening for King's X at Cervantes. She then started Saved by Ruin when she was 19 (in 2006) which opened for such acts as Sevendust and Nonpoint and made KBPI's top 18 in the Best Band in Denver competition in 2008. Laura was Pearl Drums first ever "Myspace Featured Artist." Her performance and drumming has been compared to that of Morgan Rose, Joey Jordison, and Mike Portnoy.

Shonna Montoya-

Shonna was surrounded by music from a young age. Whether it was her great-grandfather singing, playing the guitar and harmonica; her stepfather, who was the front man and guitarist in a rock band; the record business her grandfather ran out of his home, or the metal blaring out of her uncle’s room, music permeated her and a love began. Shonna’s only formal music training was on the flute from age 8-13 and one year of guitar lessons at age 14. After being turned away from playing the guitar in her school band becaus e they "didn’t have music for guitar,” her musical path was put on hold as she focused on college. After her undergraduate studies music fell back in her lap, quite literally, when being asked to play the bass in a friend’s band. She was handed all the gear and music and a journey and love of the bass guitar began. Shonna has played in several local Colorado bands, including Saved by Ruin with drummer Laura. After a somewhat successful run with Saved by Ruin, including opening for national acts and recording a full-length LP, the band went their separate ways, allowing the door to her next endeavor, The Combustion Mechanism, to open.

Tyler Reschke-

As a somewhat unorthodox vocalist for a metal band, Tyler Reschke grew up being influenced by some of the great doo wop groups from the last 60 years. From The Temptations and The Platters, to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Tyler has learned the ins and outs of vocal tones and harmonies. He is also influenced greatly by the music of Frank Sinatra and of course Micheal Buble'. It wasn’t until his high school career that he truly took a liking to vocal performance. He later joined up with a barbershop quartet that showcased some incredible four part pieces. He has had very little training, but does well to overcome that with natural talent and plenty of on stage experience. Tyler is a versatile vocalist and has worked with a plethora of different music types. He currently sings with a gospel quartet, he has traveled from coast to coast with an indie pop group, and is now very excited about his metal experiences to come. Not only does he bring excellent talent to the group, but his energy is passionate and powerful.

As the Sky Darkens

We are As the Sky Darkens from the small, boring, unknown town of Parker, Colorado. Formed in July of 2009, As the Sky Darkens began a journey in their local metal scene. With a sound hard to describe, but labeled as a death metal, metalcorish sound, As the Sky Darkens have taken it to the next level, giving you a heavy sound you have never heard before!

Come check out a local show sometime, and tell us what you think!!

Empyrean Eclipse

EMPYREAN ECLIPSE was formed in the spring of 2004 by guitarist Ryan Lockwood,Roger Daniels, and Drummer Stephen Handler.

Galloping guitars and speedy power drums come at you like blitzkrieg. Empyrean Eclipse performs its brand of death metal with such speed and precision it's a guarantee that every member of the group has extremely strong forearms.

One Shot One Kill

OneShotOneKill is an up and coming metal band from Denver, CO. Started in November of 2009, they've been playing all over Colorado, including the Gothic and Bluebird theaters. Sticking to mostly heavy and death metal, OSOK is a driving force in the Denver metal scene. With their chuggy riffs, fast drums and heavy bass they're sure to break the mold.



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