Basement Lights On FREE Art Show

Basement Lights On FREE Art Show

On November 3rd, Basement Lights On and Herman's Hideaway will be hosting an art show, featuring local artists work during the day from 3pm - 6pm. This time will be open to all ages.

Featured artists:

- Peyton S Owen and Erik Lowell with Basement Boards
- Matthew C Fuller
- Nate Bockus
- Sam Twist

After the art walk there will be live paintings by local artists Pisto Rish and Jordan Polovina

Also performances by Sean Anonymous, ECID, and Mike Mictlan of Doomtree!

You must be 18+ to enter the show after 6pm. If you make it to Herman's Hideaway early, you receive free admission.

The eventing is going to be stacked with an amazing lineup of local musicians and artist that will get you through your Sunday hangover and enjoying the creative environment.



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