Lefty and the Twin

Lefty & the Twin began during the fall of 2012 as the dynamic duo of Luke Borsten (of The Bottlecap Boys), and Brandie Gaudette. The combination of Luke’s shifting, punchy guitar/ukulele work with Brandie’s cynical, funny and often moving lyrics give this band a sound all their own. Now fleshed out into a full band, Lefty & the Twin have been playing around Portland for less than a year, but have already made their mark on the scene.

Sam Cooper & Friends

Portland, Oregon Americana/Folk-Rock band featuring former members of Horse Feathers and Yeah Great Fine.

After several years of heavy touring and recording, multi-instrumentalist Sam Cooper split from Portland indie-folk export Horse Feathers to return to his musical roots as a singer/songwriter. Dusting off a dozen songs he'd been working on between bouts on the road, Cooper spent 2011 rewriting, reworking, and eventually recording what would become "Long Lost Love," a harmony laden Americana record painted with doo-wop, bluegrass, klezmer, and a little honky-tonk.

By the middle of 2012, the album was mixed and mastered, and since Cooper had performed all of the instruments and vocals himself (aside from drums, played by Nick Werth of Scott Pemberton Trio), the next step was to grow a band to bring the music to life in a way a solo singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar just can't do.

Cooper asked guitarist Jake Maynard to join him for a gig in the summer of 2012. The two began performing as a duo, with Maynard covering instrumental melody lines and adding tenor vocal harmonies to Cooper's baritone leads. The band evolved over the ensuing several seasons, with a number of musicians coming and going (and in one case coming back again). By the summer of 2013, bassist Jake Hershman and drummer Brian Hoberg, veterans of local math-pop ensemble Yeah Great Fine, had settled in as the rhythm section, rounding out the instrumental lineup and expanding the group's vocal palate with Hershman's high tenor and Hoberg's low bass.

As a quartet, Sam Cooper & Friends takes the stage with a certain comfort and camaraderie, blending four part harmonies and compelling roots-rock instrumentalism with easygoing banter and dynamic showmanship. Poignant and organic, their live shows tend to flow between an ever increasing repertoire of well-rehearsed original material and off-the-cuff covers rendered at the audience's request. The band’s accessibility sets it apart from other indie musicians who establish a sound of the day and rarely waver from their sweet spot. These real-life friends create music without pretension or exclusivity, geared toward the ears of no one in particular, but everyone in general. The band is as likely to appeal to millennial hipsters as it is to suburban soccer moms.

Going into 2014, Sam Cooper & Friends will be recording new original songs and performing throughout the American West, if not around the whole wide world.

Betty and the Boy

Betty and the Boy defy simple categorization. Though the quintet’s string-laden melodies occasionally anchor them in the territories of folk, bluegrass, or minim­ali­st rock, they’re more at home in the cracks in-between. It’s from these deeper, often darker, places where Betty Jaeger’s voice reaches up, takes you by the hand, and invites you along for the ride – a difficult offer to refuse.


Since the release of their first EP in January 2011, Des Moines Parlours have been crafting their sound and exploring the corners of both dreampop and indie folk music. The band has been heardParlours will be touring supporting their newest album All Is Here, which takes a turn from their former indie folk sound into a more lush, dream pop approach.

"The band has an infectious, charming and uber melodic indie-pop sound with jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of The Cranberries." - Bruce Warren, Exec Producer of World Cafe of NPR

"In a loud, gaudy music world ruled by Lady Gaga, Parlours is different. Understated, smart, fun, pointedly Midwestern." --The Chicago Tribune

"What makes their impressive full-length debut All Is Here, out digitally today, truly rise above the crowded and competitive fray is the quality of Halferty's melody-driven songcraft and her gentle, light-as-air vocals. One of the nicest surprises of the year." - Dave Curtis, Direct Current Music / Sony BMG

Catherine Feeny

Catherine Feeny grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, part of a tight-knit family for whom music was a uniting force. Absorbing Springsteen through her older brother, Simon and Garfunkel through her parents and The Smiths through her elder sister, she early on developed a keen ear for songwriting.

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