Va Va Blume, Watch for Rocks, Worth

Va Va Blume

Va Va Blume is a Folktronic two-man wolfpack.

Eclectic singing & Lo-fi instruments mate with Hi-fi electronic drums & effects that loop & swoop. "Va Va Blume is funky folk-punk. It's freakin' hearts on freakin' sleeves delightful."-TightSlacks Music

Watch for Rocks

Indie-Rock band from Tempe, AZ. We solid aggregate of minerals and mechanically weather.

Christopher Worth started singing when he was 20 years old. “It was almost like it came overnight,” Worth says. Auditioning for a college rendition of West Side Story on a whim, he was accepted in an ensemble part that required singing and dancing. “Since I was young I’d always been fascinated by the stage and performance…it was in college that I got to really explore this, and that’s when my voice came. I wanted to be an actor before I was a singer.” Within several months of rehearsals and a couple sessions with the vocal coach, Worth’s abilities as a vocalist and performer expanded into something he hadn’t expected. “It was as if I’d found my purpose on stage.”


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