Aziz Ayse (Saint Ayse)

Aziz Ayse (Saint Ayse)

dir. Elfe Uluc, Turkey, 2012, 78 min.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and duplicity and lies can give everyone the opportunity to be free and to be themselves... Ayse is a former sex worker who lives as a woman in a derelict building in Istanbul that is due for demolition. He thinks his neighbours are trying to kill him. Elif is a reporter who covers human interest stories. She's in a difficult relationship with her musician boyfriend. When Elif meets Ayse, identities and lives are going to change. Not least Elif,will learn to be herself from a man who is more of a woman than her. Elfe Uluç's fascinating and original debut feature is an eye-opener in every respect.

The Cinema Studies Program, the Jewish Studies Program, the Middle East Center, and the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival and International House of Philadelphia, present the 2013 edition of NEW MIDDLE EAST CINEMA. Recently released feature films from several Middle East countries have been selected as the best to be presented to further the understanding of current Middle Eastern societies and cultures through cinema.




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