The Magic Beans (Performing one Set of Burning Down the Grass - A Talking Heads Tribute and one Set of Original Music) w/ Na'an Stop and James and the Devil

The Magic Beans

Scott Hachey – Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Casey Russell – Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Duffy – Bass Guitar, Vocal
Cody Wales – Drums, Vocals
The Magic Beans are band with a passion for music that is as infectious as their songs, both of which have gained them national notoriety in a short time. Much like the taste’s of modern music lovers, the band’s sound isn’t confined to one-genre. The Beans strive to be as inclusive as possible by skirting the lines between many genres within their unique sound. The band’s infectious stage chemistry is very inclusive of the audience, resulting in a close knit fanbase around the group dubbed, “Team Bean”. The group uses no pre-recorded tracks or samples in favor of a more traditional approach to music; original songwriting and continually pushing the envelope are what have set this group apart. Whether you like ballads or bangers, the Beans have something you will enjoy. Seamlessly combining clever songwriting with modern dance music, The Magic Beans strive to be original and expressive in a world where everything’s been done.

Na'an Stop

Na'an Stop is one of the biggest up and coming reggae bands in Colorado whose fusion of roots, rock, reggae and ska will surely get you moving. Formed back in 2010 by 5 students from around the country who met at the University of Colorado, Na'an Stop has quickly developed a unique sound that is hard to resist. The vibrant horn section, 3 piece harmonies, and alternating bass and guitar players are just some of the traits making this band one of a kind. With original music composed by three different lead singers, this bands seductive style is no imitation. From house parties to the big stage, these kids know how to put on a show.

James and the Devil

James & the Devil has an original style you just can't peg, they spin off Rock'n'Roll sounds with MountainGrass, funk, hip hop, and rhythmic dance chemistry that always gets the house movin! A sort of New Age broad spectrum Rock'n'Roll Review that can be summed up as Rocky Mountain RedNeck Gangsta Rock!!

After the first year of playing together James and The Devil developed a strong chemistry, realizing the root of their music was a common interest in rock music and performance. They also realized the importance of variety for expression and showmanship purposes.

The short story would be that James and The Devil tours the Rocky Mountains from north to south with a base in Denver. They play as much as they can, they get involved with the local scene, and actively promote with a good cause. James and The Devil plays for every demographic, old and young, and is made up of dreamers, beer drinkers, thinkers, and smokers, and is seen happiest playing music while uniting people.

J and The D is currently in the studio, working on their first full length album, that they hope to have completed in the fall of '09. During this time they will be continuously playing and touring, so come out and get down to some Rocky Mountain Rebel Rock and don't forget to bring an extra pair of socks!!

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