Sailing Musicians upon a yacht, upon the seas we sailed. When one day sailing on board our ship, through a storm we had to prevail. The storm took us and threw us, and tossed us around. It bumped us and blew us. It soaked us and shook us. .


Dylan's musical journey has led him to many places, both figuratively and musically. Originally playing in his band, In Symmetry, he became a fixture on the vibrant Phoenix art/music scene. In 2010 Dylan relocated to Seattle and performed as a solo artist and in the band Moya. Now based out of Tempe, AZ, Dylan has been performing as a solo artist and touring throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, as well as opening shows for numerous national acts including Neko Case, JD McPherson, Rhett Miller, Ben Sollee, Matt Pond PA, Horse Feathers, and many others.



Mujeres del Sol is a collective founded in 2012 to support women and girls in their journeys as artists, writers, poets, and storytellers: rooted in sisterhood, voice, and bodies of work developed within our communities.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Mujeres del Sol produce, promote, and support safe spaces where women and girls can express, share, and grow together, and with their community, including:
+ events
+ performances
+ readings
+ workshops
+ celebrations
+ & more!

We develop our individual crafts collectively, with a focus on self-expression and holistic growth of our creative endeavors.


Over the last two years, Decker has played over 250 shows, touring relentlessly from Sedona, AZ to Seattle, WA to Shreveport, LA and everywhere in between. Not confining his shows to music clubs alone, Decker is known to play free shows in cafes, farmer's markets and on street corners alike. In the midst of traveling 50,000+ in his Dodge Caravan, he has self-released three albums on his own local record label, Mescal Porch Records, and, in June, delivered his first-born son in his kitchen to boot. It's safe to say, Decker is amongst the hardest-working touring songwriters you've never heard of.

But he's doing his best to change that.

On October 7 Decker released Broken Belts, Broken Bones, a 7-track EP, written largely in the midst of a 99-show tour in support of last October's Long as the Night. Upon returning from the epic 6-month tour for the birth of his son, Decker and Sedona engineer/drummer Ed Barattini (Richie Havens, Stanley Jordan) recorded the new album in ten days with a host of Arizona musicians. Decker will subsequently embark on a series of tours beginning in November.

Decker crafts songs which find profundity in their naked sincerity. Not quite rock, not quite folk, his acoustic-based psychedelic Americana balladry draws upon a variety of influences; from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, from Cat Power to PJ Harvey. Yet in the end, his music is unique and uniquely him, and that is his offering.


The SunPunchers are a true acoustic band with a unique outlaw cabaret sound featuring Betsy Ganz on guitar and lead vocals. The band is currently in the process of recording and mixing their first EP (which also features Jon Rauhouse of Neko Case) at 513 Analog Studios. Keep an eye out for this up and coming act.


“Future Loves Past somehow combines indie rock, psychedelia, Americana, outright folk music, country embellishments, a touch of British Invasion and hints of 1970s classic rock with flourishes of 80s synth work […] the aural amazement at their shows can’t be denied in any capacity.”

- Mitchell L. Hillman - soundsaroundtown.net


With the flash of a colorful skirt, Flamenco po la Vida's artistic director Angela Ramirez transports her audience to a place far from the Sonoran desert -- the south of Spain, to be exact. The combination of sweet Spanish lyrics and dramatic dance poses may not be what you'd expect to catch at the Crescent, but the intimate setting makes for a performance that's enrapturing, exotic, and unexpected pre-concert entertainment.

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