Computa Age 1 Yr Anniversary + Exit Records 10 Year Tour


D-Bridge is a legendary figure in drum & bass. Though his career stretches back to the early 90s, it was in his role as one quarter of the irrepressible drum & bass super-group Bad Company in the late 90s and early 00s that he really stamped his mark on the scene, dominating the sound of drum & bass during that period. Tunes like 'The Nine', 'Planet Dust' and 'Nitrous' are unforgettable classics and are the tip of the iceberg of an incredible back catalogue of work from the foursome.

Since they disbanded, D-Bridge has carved a superb reputation as a solo artist, with a more refined sound that is no less effective in the clubs, with tunes like 'True Romance', 'Odessa' and 'Twilight' leaving a lasting impression on the scene. His label Exit Records is renowned for quality over quantity, with all releases carrying a touch of class.

He's a highly sought after DJ, and his widespread appeal is demonstrated by the fact that he regularly appears at a wide range of drum & bass nights. Expect the tough beats to the soulful vibes, it could be rave-up or slightly more left of centre throw-down.

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Representing Baltimore, MD, USA, JoeNice is universally recognized as the ambassador of the dubstep sound in North America and has been instrumental in the global growth and success of dubstep for over a decade. He is North America's first and most respected dubstep DJ.

Joe started playing dubstep in June 2001 with a collective of Baltimore dj's, the 2 Charming Crew. Nice earned a residency at Sonar Baltimore and was headlining local, regional and national shows shortly thereafter. In September 2003, JoeNice co-created a monthly internet radio show on His show was the first to feature dubstep in North America. In June 2005, while gigging and doing internet radio, Nice co-founded and was a resident DJ at the first dubstep night in North America, DubwarNYC.

JoeNice is the first American-based DJ to play on the London pirate radio station, Rinse FM. He was also the first American-based DJ to play the legendary DMZ bi-monthly bash and Forward. In 2007, he was proudly selected as one of URB magazine's NEXT 100. In July 2011, Nice co-founded and was named a resident DJ at a new dubstep night in New York City, Reconstrvct. In May 2012, Joe transitioned his monthly radio show from to the award-winning SubFM, where his GourmetBeats radio show can be heard on the second Tuesday of each month, 7pm - 9pm EST.

Since 2001, JoeNice has performed extensively across the globe and his worldwide fan base continues to grow with his enthusiastic live performance and stage presence, upfront selection and skillful mixing. His bag of 10" dubplates is a who's who of dubstep. If you've never heard it before, chances are you'll hear it from JoeNice.

Hailing from our nation’s capital, twenty-four year old Yola is dedicated to fostering the true sounds of bass music in the United States. Inspired by Jamaican sound system culture, Yola is always looking for new ways to stretch bass bins and induce widespread skanking. Yola utilizes rhythm and bass to create an audible experience never to be replicated.

Yola's DJ career originated from his love for collecting music of all genres. Inheriting a vinyl collection from his father at an early age set the stage for his addiction to white labels and limited quantity pressings. Analog vibes have, and forever will, play a major role in Yola's progression into the digital age. His love for collecting eventually grew into a love for sharing. Creating and transmitting the vibe became paramount. The goal, to make the crowd an active participant and always expose them to new and noteworthy music. Yola has been able to accomplish this goal in some of the country’s most notorious clubs along side some of the world’s biggest names and continues to promote both the underground sound and culture. Yola also hosts his monthly radio show "Computa Age" on, informing the people and making a worldwide name for his sound.



On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Computa Age celebrates its 1 year anniversary at Flash. Calling all massive and crew!

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