Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival | Sci Fi and Fantasy with XXXY, Lotic, Lamin Fofana

After the release of his first record, he took a break to tighten up his production. He came back in 2009 as xxxy which led to the releases of "Reflections ep" on the influential Manchester label Mindset and "Science Fiction/651" on Formant Recordings. By late 2009 he had begun to become more and more influenced by house music which had begun to take up a much larger section of his record collection.

2010 saw the release of a split of the very well received 12" on Infrasonics. Comprised of the Baltimore influenced "Blue Flashing Lights" and the Funky Roller "Know You" which was included in FACT magazine's tunes of 2010 list.

Later in 2010 he released the critically acclaimed garage influenced ep "Every Step Forward" on Fortified Audio.

The January 2011 release of "You Always Start it/Ordinary Things" on Ten Thousand Yen increased xxxy's burgeoning reputation with Pitchfork picking "ordinary things" as it's best new tune of the day "What's so special about "Ordinary Things" isn't its parts, though, but how impeccably they are put together...This rush comes complete with a joyous "Whoo!" sample to let you know that, yeah, while you're getting the chills, this is still body-moving music."

2011 will see releases on Orca, Well Rounded, Infrasonics & All City together with Remixes for Tri Angle and the Count & Sinden.

As a DJ xxxy has produced well received mixes for FACT, BBQ & URB as well as playing dates all over the UK and Europe.


Berlin-based DJ/producer

Lamin Fofana

Lamin Fofana is a New York City-based electronic musician who produces techno and house out of found sounds, human voices, digital synthesizers, analog synthesizers and drum machines. He recently started the record label SCI-FI & FANTASY, an NYC imprint dedicated to raw, grooving, and experimental electronic music. He has had releases on DUTTY ARTZ, Grizzly, Diskotopia, and Sticks N Stones Recordings.

Max McFerren


Blacky II doesn’t have a bio should just find out about him for yourself, we hear he makes it rain blood.. and in a good way.


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