Powerage: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute Experience

Powerage: A Tribute to AC/DC

POWERAGE is the ultimate AC/DC tribute experience. With over fifty songs in the set list featuring AC/DC's greatest hits and deeper tracks, dead-on vocals and lead guitar featuring "Angus" in full schoolboy regalia, vintage instruments for the classic AC/DC tone, and the heaviest rhythm section this side of Australia, POWERAGE is unbelievable! Based in the San Francisco Bay area, POWERAGE plays great live concerts wherever true AC/DC fans need a shot of "High Voltage Rock and Roll"!

POWERAGE heard the call to "Let There Be Rock" in May of 1994. The lineup includes vocalist "Scotty Bon Scott" belting out both the immortal Bon Scott and Brian Johnson vocals. Drummer "Bill Rudd" lays down the classic beat that gets the crowd going. "Rob Malcolm" on rhythm guitar and "Clint Williams" on bass guitar pour the lifeblood into the funky, bluesy groove. And "Michael Angus" rips out the bludgeoning, catchy, blues-influenced riffs played with the crushing guitar tone and blistering lead hooks that makes AC/DC's sound so easily recognizable.

For more than fifteen years, POWERAGE has played over three hundred shows to thousands of diehard "Problem Child" AC/DC fans. POWERAGE was featured at the 2004 & 2006 Nevada State Fair "Fake Fest" concerts with Led Zepplica, and the 2004 "Bone Bash Five" festival at The Concord Pavilion with Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, Blue Oyster Cult, Dokken, and Thin Lizzy. POWERAGE has also shared the stage with Saxon, Vince Neil, Dread Zeppelin, Quiet Riot, and Y&T.

Cheaper Trick, a tribute to CHEAP TRICK

Performing the music of "Cheap Trick"!


The world’s only all-female tribute to Queen, The Killer Queens evoke all the glam, sparkle, power, and soaring melodies of Freddie, Brian, John, Roger, and Spike (Queen's unofficial 5th member) performing onstage in the ’70s and ’80s, while at the height of their musical and commercial dominance. The Killer Queens became a rocking, 5-part harmony singing reality with Nina Noir (Frederica Mercury), Lindy Day (Brianna May), Diana Rey (Joan Deacon), Nichole Boaz (Spike Edna), and Karla Downey (Regina Taylor).

It’s not an easy task bringing the work of true musical pioneers and one of the most charismatic rock singers in history to life, but The Killer Queens have committed every fiber of their technique and talent to conjuring a thrilling tribute to the Queen legacy. Noir understands both the flamboyance and subtle emotion that made Mercury such a commanding presence. Guitarist Day is like a fiery and impassioned encyclopedia of May’s tones, licks, riffs, and solos. Rey’s slinky low end tells you everything you should know about Deacon’s innovative yet always rhythmic bass lines, while Downey’s big foot, huge tom sound, and shotgun snare bring Taylor’s mammoth grooves right home. Filling it all out is keyboard ace Boaz with textures that recall the masterful audio productions of the albums themselves.

The Killer Queens cover all of Queen’s hit-making stylistic journeys from prog to heavy rock to funk to operettas and beyond. And this all-female team of fantastic musicians also manages to cast the spell of Queen with a style, spirit, and beauty all their own. Be amazed.

$12 adv / $14 day of show


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