Cleric, CXFX, Greevace, Fire Marshall BIll, Stronghold Crvsader

A four piece from Philadelphia, Cleric's music mixes elements of grindcore, avant garde composition, doom and... something else entirely? Influenced by other metal pioneers such as Meshuggah, Converge, Fantômas, and Neurosis, their music zeroes in on a level of brutality and experimentation that a single band rarely maintains even for a few seconds. In their six years since inception, Cleric has released a number of EPs and a 12" picture disk through Sound Devastation Records (UK), all of which (for their very high quality and unique & intricate sounds and artwork) have garnered praise and die-hard underground accolade. Having been around awhile, and taken a lot of shit & not given up & built themselves up internally to handle whatever bullshit this world flings their way, this band is just beginning its walk down their shining path.


Organized cartoon chaos from the mind of legendary underground producer, Cheezface. featuring former members of Twentyeyes, Think Back, and Psyopus.


Greevace, raw riff rock fueled by a punk attitude. Dealing with subject matter from, the paranormal, psychedelics, god, government and the unexplained. Greevace, much like a tank, the machine that precisely crushes and destroys, performs an honest, no tricks style of rock with a message.

Fire Marshall BIll

We have been around fer sometime now and are looking to shake up charlottes music scene look out cause we got somthing to show ya!!!

Brett: Been PLaying Drums for 14 years also play for All Thumbs & Two Left Feet
Joey: I have been playing guitar since i was 14 so 12 years now. my early influences were nirvana and alice in chains. I took about four months of guitar classes mostly centered around the blues, I believe it shows up a bit in my playing style, but I am not afraid to throw some heavier and chunky metal, sprinkle in a bit of blues and jazz stuff and there you now have recipe for the guitfiddle.



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