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Lunice is just THAT dude. So cool, so easy. But at night he's a monster making bedroom dance videos to Footcrab and Sex Intelligent (remix stoopid). It was just over a year ago that Lunice started bumping his own beats at the Turbo Crunk nights. To think that he's since played two European tours and attended Red Bull in London, cheeeez, Dude is doing those big things already. Wish you all could of seen him standing in for Mike Slott in front of the 8000+ audience at our Sonar showcase in June 2010. Straight up, we felt this kid was a star. And we've known each other a minute now so it's family. Fuckin honour to work with this guy. Stacker Upper is comin for you, October 2010 on LuckyMe.

Rockie Fresh

If you haven't heard the buzz yet, let it be known that Chicago native Rockie Fresh is quickly becoming your next favorite rapper. Only 20-years-old and starting his music career just a few years ago, this young up-and-comIer is already one of the hottest independent artists in hip-hop.

With a unique sound that has deep urban undertones and an alternative rocker mentality, Rockie continues to break barriers and defy conventions. Working with artists ranging from Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump to internet phenom Lil B, and with co-signs from the likes of new-age college rap sensations like Asher Roth and Kidz In The Hall, Rockie's grassroots movement has every corner of the music world talking. From Complex Magazine to, The Source to MyspaceMusic, and BET to RockTheVote, Rockie is quickly taking the industry by storm.

Fresh's debut mixtape "Rockie's Modern Life" was released in December of 2009, quickly propelling him into Chicago stardom as fans and tastemakers across the city began echoing the name of a new hometown hero. Not sure what to expect, Rockie took to the stage for the very first time in his career at his own release show. To his surprise, he found himself in front of a sold out crowd of eagerly anticipating fans. From there he was propelled into the national spotlight as he earned performances at SXSW, A3C Music Festival, and Bamboozle, and opened for Rick Ross, Big Sean, The Cool Kids, Twista, Chip Tha Ripper and more across the country.

Coming off of his newest project "The Otherside", Rockie continues to outdo himself. As his sophomore release, "The Otherside" tallied over 15,000 downloads in it's first week alone, and over 30,000 downloads to date. Presented by and MTV Top DJ's illWill & Rockstar, the project was deemed "one of the most impressive mixtapes to close out 2010" by The Smoking Section and one of the best mixtapes of the year by many, making Rockie Fresh one of the top emcees to look out for in 2011.

Evian Christ

or those unfamiliar with Evian Christ's work, he produces sparse, heavy bangers, splitting the difference between the stripped-down menace (and occasional four-on-the-floor creepy house beat) of Shackleton or Pinch and the dark, minimalist swagger of Keyboard Kid's 'Based' sound, with some decidedly mean rap vocals appearing at opportune times. The bass throughout is utterly massive, thick, round and subby as hell, with no cliched midrange wobble to it- your neighbors, I'm sure, will really appreciate you digging this mixtape.


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