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St. Even

St. Even (the nom de guerre of Steve Hefter)'s Spirit Animal-- described as "gentle but unsettled folk" by the Portland Mercury-- was hailed "a masterpiece" and named the # 2 local album of the year by Willamette Week in 2011.

Hefter, a Baltimore native, collaborated with many of Charm City's musical luminaries in previous projects prior to landing in Portland (including members of Oxes, J Roddy Walston and the Business, Wye Oak, Judd and Maggie, and Small Sur) in 2009.

2013 marks the release of St. Even's eponymous, second record via Party Damage Records. Gorbie International Records will release a beautiful canvas-encased limited edition of the album at The Secret Society on November 8th.

John Vecchiarelli

... is a songwriter / multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, Oregon. He began his musical endeavors at a young age as the drummer, singer, and collaborator for a wide range of East coast and Colorado bands, and was an in-demand freelance and session player. John eventually moved out front as the singer for the heavy melodic rock band Sic'em Fifi. His interest in guitar and songwriting grew, and after his successful stint with Sic'em Fifi ran it's course, he formed the agressive, smart punk outfit, Splinter. Driven by John's sonically challenging guitar and vocal style, and an unrelenting rhythm section, Splinter quickly gained a loyal following and pushed the creative envelope until disbanding in 1994. John continued to play shows accompanied only by his electric guitar, and so began his solo career.
John made the move to San Francisco in 1995 and while continuing to write and hone his skills on guitar and piano, he also fulfilled the drum duties for (pre-Oranger) indie power trio American Sensei, and moody rockers Dart. His burgeoning solo career soon took priority, and John put all his energy toward recording his songs and touring. He recruited talented friends Matt Greenberg (Charles Atlas), Devin Hoff (Nels Cline, Good for Cows), Glenn Kotche (Wilco, Jim O'Rourke), and engineer Todd Ayers, to record his stark and stunning debut,"Tiny Rooms". John's first solo effort was released in 2000 to impressive reviews and sales (3000+), as well as national college and international airplay. The success of "Tiny Rooms", coupled with extensive touring, have garnered him a devoted fan base. It was during his numerous visits to the Northwest while on the road that he fell in love with Portland, and decided to call it home. Portland's thriving indie music scene proved to be a perfect fit. In June of 2004, John recorded his second solo outing "Songs From Whoville" at Jackpot! Studios with renowned engineer Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Quasi, Sleater-Kinney, Decemberists). Once again, Matt Greenberg lent his talents on piano and organ, with cello tracks played courtesy of Jenn Grady (The Wax Fire). The result is a truly beautiful recording, sure to build upon John's ever expanding reputation as an artist. "Songs From Whoville" was pre-released in a limited edition, hand stamped, hand assembled arigato packaging on Oct 1, 2004. John continues to share bills with notable bands and artists in prominent clubs and venues across the country, and work in numerous independent circles.

Since 2009, Ezza Rose has been cultivating a sound of her own. Drawing on several influences from the likes of Etta James, Stevie Nicks, and her residency in Portland, Ezza writes and performs music which reflects the listeners’ lives back at them while hinting at a new perspective. The fluidity of love, the ebb and flow of relationships, and getting caught in the machine of expectations, all are deconstructed with flowy rhythm, aggressive electric guitars, and dreamy vocal melodies.

“Her music, previously built on gentle, minimalist melodies and eerie harmonies, takes a different tone on her new LP. More electrified and slightly more ominous than the simple, lilting sound she previously established, this is Rose at her best so far.” - Willamette Week

“Her beautifully delicate, mournfully classic voice floats amongst the loosely bound, misty particles in the air and our minds and fills the cracks with a sound that's chilling and comforting, all at once.” -Vortex Music Magazine

“Ezza’s singer/songwriting talents push on. Her voice is consistently smooth and clear, ethereal, and from the gut. It rises, glides, and falls, not unlike her cover-art for the album, depicting the daffodils that her small mining hometown is known for… While the band’s sound expands with more rock, blues, and experimental elements, The Ezza Rose Band still retains its strong organic roots that have been deepening in Portland for the last several years.” -ElevenPDX Magazine

“The new album, When the Water’s Hot, has truly been a journey for Ezza Rose. Field recordings began some time ago. Songs have had time to gestate and mature. The result? An intense studio album with a sudden and unexpected beauty.” -Oregon Music News

Jon Ransom

Jon Ransom started playing guitar and writing songs at the lowly age of 18. Over the course of nine years, he has amassed a small arsenal of songs ranging from quiet, contemplative tunes to anthemic folk rock ballads. There is a gentleness and heart-crushing honesty in his music that is oft not heard in today's sonic landscape.

"Ransom's acoustic songs float by like clouds effortlessly making their way from horizon to horizon. Ransom cites Glen Hansard of the Frames and the Swell Season as an influence, and his songs are similarly uncluttered, directly emotional affairs."
- Ned Lannamann, The Portland Mercury

Barry Brusseau

Moved to Portland in 1985 to play Black, Death, Thrash, Punk. The Jimmies being the longest and most successful project. The last loud band I played in was "Legend Of Dutch Savage". Now things have become quiet, and releasing two sparse vinyl releases has been my reach. I find myself trying to do what I can to help out other quiet minded folks with my little boutique label "Gorbie International Records".

John Kelley

Whether or not you have kept up with John Kelley'sprogression as a DJ/producer through his participationin the Full Moon Gatherings or through his mixedreleases on Moonshine Music, one will notice anessential characteristic, it's all about the FUNK!Kelley's first involvement in the rave scene came inthe mid-1990's with his legendary sets at the infamousFull Moon Gathering held in the remote deserts andlake beds outside of Los Angeles. After DJ Daniel(founding pioneer for the gatherings and Moontribecrew), heard a mix tape of John's sets, then and therehe realized he had found a new DJ for the spiritualentity.Despite starting his career at a traditionally lateage of 23, Kelley has consistently remained at theforefront of the scene. In more than six years ofDJing, Kelley has created a powerful reputation forhimself as a funky originator. His name carries aninstant buzz of excitement and a guarantee of aprogressive, original sound. During his time spent asresident DJ at the Full Moon Gatherings, he saw thepopularity of these underground raves, grow immensely.Kelley refused to let the success and increasinglycommercial nature of these raves compromise hismusical integrity. Going his own way, he has made ithis mission to bring the vibe and energy of the desertscene to the rest of the nation.High Desert Soundsystem2, his fifth mix CD onMoonshine, provides further insight as to how Kelleyhas continued to break new ground and stay ahead ofthe game. Each of his mix CDs has marked a progressionin his style and in his latest collection, HDSS2showcases Kelly's cutting-edge style by delivering afantastic combination of Progressive House andTech-House with a tribal vibe. By Blending tracks fromindustry notables like Timo Maas, Novy vs. Eniac andTrancesetters, Kelley creates a superb up-frontjourney into his own unique world.Kelley definitely knows the meaning of pleasing acrowd: "If you're not working the crowd, you're notdoing your job. To me, it's all about programming andtaste of music." He has also proven his sharpproduction skills with the mixing of tracks thatappear on all of his mix compilation CDs. The trackshave served as an accurate representation of hisfunk-flavored, tech-house sound. A unique style,rising in popularity and continuing to flourish. Funkit up!

Small Souls is a collaboration between Portland singer-songwriter Brian Rozendal and multi-instrumentalist Bryan Daste. Daste joined Rozendal's namesake band in 2009, but the band members parted ways the following winter to pursue other creative projects. After a six month hiatus, Rozendal and Daste reconnected, this time as a duo with a stronger emphasis on collaborative songwriting and sonic exploration. What started as a simple demo evolved into an ambitious EP, which they released in February 2012. With the support from a community of musicians and music-lovers, they're now ready to record their first full length studio album.

Shoeshine Blue

Shoeshine Blue began as songwriter Michael Apinyakul and steadily adopted a rotating cast and crew of Portland's finest musicians, including Alison Wesley (Super XX Man), Shawn Mclain (Blind Pilot), Ezza Rose, Wylum Joersz (Nick Jaina Band, Run On Sentence), and Mitchell Willet. Shoeshine Blue's songs are moody, literate, and built to wear many clothes. With the rotating cast, no two shows are the same. There are different combinations of musicians, electric sets, acoustic sets, and solo shows that do not lack body or drive, often involving guitars run in stereo and Michael Apinyakul's dark, emotive finger style guitar, as if Mississippi John Hurt listened to Dead Moon. The sound is harmony driven and everything is done in reverence to the songs themselves. Shoeshine Blue has been playing in Portland's Indie Folk circles for over a decade and has developed a bit of a cult following. They've released two full length albums and two e.p.'s. Despite the shifting lineup, the musicians of Shoeshine Blue have been playing together for so long that there is a tight family feel and unity in their beautiful delivery.

Ed & The Red Reds

"Country 'n North-Western" music, as Ed calls it, is about storytelling. Combining 60's psych-rock, old-time, classic folk, outlaw country and modern influences, E&TRR is a true American mutt, combining many different elements to make something wholly original. Ed & The Red Reds wont spoon-feed you tumbleweeds & outlaws, or lonesome songs on the prairie. No, the sounds of Lost Leader are the voices between the tall pines, the train through the cold mountains, the quiet finger-picking on the porch as the cold rain soaks the street.



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