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Vedazen was co-founded by two amazing East Indian artists—multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire, Shenkar, and the creator of the genre known as Goa Trance, DJ Baba G. The unique inspiration to form arrangments with tabla, sitar, and turntables, made DJ Baba G a legend in Indian music before he was 15. To hear Baba G is to hear a slice of human history; as old as millennia, yet still vital and dynamic. From living with his family in Goa to serving as an apprentice cook for the monks of the Daramsala Temple, Baba G grew up transitioning between the secular and sacred worlds.

Shenkar has worked on numerous world-famous soundtracks, including the Grammy Award winning and controversial, ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, by legendary film maker Martin Scorsese. He co-wrote many of the tracks with Peter Gabriel and his vocals are featured throughout the movie. In 2004, he also composed music and performed vocals on Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ’. His unmistakable and haunting voice can be heard throughout the movie. Shenkar’s many collaborations have brought him international fame and legions of fans across the globe.

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