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The Elovay

What do you get when you mix an Aussie, a Mexican, a Texan, and Coloradoan? The ear-gasmic waves of The Elovay! Pulling inspiration from the likes of Weezer, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Black Keys, The Elovay creates what singer Xavier Brinkman describes as "uptempo, hard hitting rock with catchy lyrics and harmonies." Besides being a great vocalist, Brinkman is also dead-on with his description.

Embracing relocation and new beginnings, The Elovay named their band after Los Angeles - the 'L' of 'A'…get it? Yes, it's a clever name and a great homage to the city that brought these talented musicians together. Forming in 2011, the band played acoustic gigs around LA until meeting Scott, who would become their drummer. As Xavier states it "we all jammed and bam, musical magic was made." Magic indeed!

Los Angeles based Western Scene is the brainchild of singer/guitarist, Tom Pritchard and“shifts from the glossier pop-rock on their 2013 EP to some agile retro-soul”, wrote Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands, LA. The band is now made up of Emily Wilder (Wet & Reckless), Kurt Allen (Voxhaul Broadcast), Wyatt Glodell, and Paul Hiller. New releases have been described as “tune driven pop-hook structures with a chugging electric guitar and a peppery flute create an atmosphere halfway between indie pop and psychedelic rock. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, or an unlikely marriage of Cold War Kids and Fleet Foxes are close comparisons” wrote Mitch Mosk of Atwood Magazine. They are working on releasing an EP in the upcoming months.

The New Electric Sound

THE NEW ELECTRIC SOUND is a five-piece surf-pop-rock band that fuses simple, time-tested, '50s-era rock 'n' roll with current indie-pop styles, delivering something palpably and adamantly original, with a sweet sugar coating of nostalgic goodness. Young, handsome, and heavily cardiganed, The New Electric Sound reminds us that songs of love, innocence, and heartbreak are just as cool today as they've always been. Like Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees, with whom they have shared the stage, The New Electric Sound hails the stage, The New Electric Sound hails from the rapidly rising indie music scene of Provo, Utah. The band formed and began touring in late 2011, rapidly gaining notoriety as one of the most prominent bands in the Rocky Mountain region.

They released their self-titled debut album in August of 2012. In the same month, the band took first place in Provo's Rock the River contest. The critically acclaimed music video Heartbeat was awarded Best Cinematography at Filmed in Utah and was nominated for best music video at the International Film Festival Manhattan.


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