Breakfast in Fur

Breakfast in Fur

Breakfast In Fur began in Dan Wolfe's quiet Upstate New York bedroom where he started recording the songs that would become the band's first EP. Breakfast in Fur's self titled EP is a densely textured landscape of children's toy sounds, thudding percussion and voices that float softly beneath layers of droning accordion, jangly guitar and a self-contained universe of sound effects.

Since then the band has developed into a collaboration between it's six members (Dan Wolfe, Kaitlin Van Pelt, Michael Hollis, Matt Ross, Sandy Davis and Chris Walker). This new sense of collaboration is best heard on their latest batch of songs on Team Love Records, and will come to full fruition with the release of their next album which is currently in the works.

Their eponymous EP was rereleased with one additional track on 10" vinyl via Analog Edition Records in 2011. In September 2012 the band released three new songs on Team Love Record's "Die Pfalz," a four-band compilation on 12" Vinyl and CD.


Vadim Ovcharov, Ruben Vazquez and Aleksandar Nikolovski form the core of math pop group Fowls (Rochester, NY), delivering intricate, technical songs in a dancy, catchy, upbeat way. You'll dig them if you're into acts like Maps & Atlases, Minus the Bear and Vampire Weekend. Keep an eye out for their debut album "Into the Wild" (bettyElm Records).



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