Steel Hollow "Lightning For A Loner" CD Release Party

Steel Hollow

It has been a long and inspired journey for the members of the band, Steel Hollow. Born and bred on the legacy of the tough and gritty steel city of Pittsburgh, PA., brothers Michael and John Poremski learned early on that success is only achieved through hard work and single minded determination. Drummer Joe Thomas is the son of a drummer, and his genetics along with the gift of his own rhythmic talent, create a synergy resulting in an infusion of percussion that brings to life the spirit of Steel Hollow’s edgy, deep and honest lyrics and music.

Formed in 2006, Steel Hollow has grown as a group of musicians, composers, and performers. Since the release of their EP "Quiet Desperation" in December 2009, the songs "Never Change" and "Fugitive’s Mind" have found an enthusiastic audience, and the music video for "Fugitive’s Mind" was nominated as a "Best All Around Music Video" at the 2010 Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards.

As it so aptly states in the lyrics of their new song "Kiss My Yeah", they are "still standing, still breathing and still believing." Their new CD, "Lightning for a Loner" is a reflection of a period of much introspection and truth telling. The Steel Hollow sound is uniquely their own, a commingling of the influences of Hard and Southern Rock, Grunge, Acoustic Introspective, Progressive, and even the flavor of John Poremski’s two years living and recording in Nashville, TN. between 2010-2012.

"Lightning for a Loner" was conceived in 2009 as a follow up to the "Quiet Desperation" EP. It was a conscious decision to push the limits and evolve the Steel Hollow sound. The "Nashville Sessions" were a great adventure in working with new musicians and experimenting with the bending of genres. The listener will notice traces of country music in the renowned steel guitar work of Cowboy Eddie Long, recorded on three tracks at the Nashville Art Institute and Michael John Jacobs Studio in Nashville, TN. Pittsburgh violinist, Bob Banerjee provided the classically emotional flourishes of songs recorded at Soundscape Studios in Pittsburgh. Throughout it all, however, there is the pure, undiluted truth that is the Steel Hollow sound. For those in search of the truth, you will find it in "Lightning for a Loner".



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