Over the past couple years Woodsman has been on a vision quest of sorts. Relentlessly touring and honing a sound born in basements and warehouses sprouting from amps and speakers like lichens on the forest floor. Grounded in experimentation and inspired by the films of Stan Brakhage Woodsman create visceral tunes born from their environment. When you’re living in a city under mountains you can feel that rhythm seeping in. Satisfaction is never guaranteed only suggested and with six releases to date Woodsman leaves it up to you.

“The band’s sound cuts through the haze, generally refusing to slip into the background.” – Pitchfork

“Like Vicodin chased with cheap merlot.” – Vice Magazine

“This shit is undeniably awesome.” – The FADER

“Colorado’s Woodsman grow deeper and more expansive with each dispatch.” – Stereogum


Minimalist melodicism. Counterpunctal cacophony. Decibel-pushing dissonance. Atrina makes music that is angular, but accessible. Complex, yet catchy. Eclectic, and electrifying.

Press for "In Planetary Sugar":

"Atrina has created an exciting slab of indie rock that is at times dreamy, ethereal, psychedelic, and always enthralling. In a music world where it seems like everything has been done before, it’s nice to see a band breathing new life into a form of music that seems to have been on life support for a while now."
- thomas pizzola, verbicide.com

"ATRINA's debut full-length album "In Planetary Sugar"... is an absolutely stunning work. There isn't one song on this album that I don't love. The band mashes rock, metal, and pop until the lines between these genres are so thin, you give up to differentiate and just slip into the pure enjoyment of ATRINA's brilliant world... Listening to ATRINA is like watching a day unfold through a prism, not interfering but just observing and enjoying a great array of images and colors. "In Planetary Sugar" is a must listen for every music lover."
- iamnotamusician.com

"An epic and sprawling album. I haven't felt this satisfied listening to a complete album in some time. Bravo, ATRINA, Bravo."
- ctindie.com

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