Disco Amigos: Come Learn How To Disco!

Disco Amigos

***Classes Every Monday at Hanger 13 - 7pm***
Sign up here to learn more about us: http://bit.ly/DAJoin
The Disco Amigos are a performance and parading group to encourage Disco, dancing and having a good time for everyone. We are an organization designed to showcase the creative and performance talent in New Orleans through parties, parades and performances while being accessible to everyone that wants to be a part of the party.

The Disco Amigos are a co-ed group to disco dance:

-- Class-like environment to learn basic dance and Disco steps and routines;

-- Performance group for parades, social events, festivals and private parades

-- Host the World Largest Disco Party!
Come learn how to Disco at the Hanger 13 every Monday from 7pm-10pm. Thursdays are Disco Socials at the Rendon Inn from 7:30 till


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