EDMutual Presents: Victor Niglio Official Afterparty


Our true mission is to help connect like-minded people with a similar love for the EDM and Music Festival scene and to spread the genuine message of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. We strive to spread the positive message, influence, and vibes of the EDM scene.
Company Overview
Started by three friends and a common interest: EDM. One day in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Matt Ford, Clay Coco and Cody Pitre decided it was time to create something that would allow EDM fans and festivalgoers an easier way to connect, stay in touch, and share the music and culture they love so much. Soon after, RJ Alongi was added as the finishing touch to the team. It was then that the idea and development of EDMutual was born.
As fellow EDM fanatics and festival attendees, we know exactly what is needed to help make the experience that much better. We've decided to make an App that revolutionizes the way you look forward to, connect at, and remember shows and festivals. Too often, we meet an amazing person but don’t have the time to exchange names and numbers in the crowd. You may have missed the only opportunity to connect with that person you’ll ever get. Well we have found a way to make sure every connection is a lasting one. No more missed connections, only more good friends.

We've taken the whole experience of a festival and made it something you can physically take with you, something you can share with friends, and something you can re-live fully, at any time. We don’t want to give away too much, but because of how badly WE ourselves want this app, we know you’ll want it just as badly. Finally, something made by people just like you, for you. Are you excited? We’re more excited than you could imagine (:


Short Circuit

Short Circuit is Andrew Verner from LA. A part of Binary, the family of dance producers making waves in LA, Short Circuit is making big things happen. Andrew has been a musician his entire life, focusing heavily into electronic music in the last 3 years. Short Circuit became his primary focus recently and his productions have stirred up quite a buzz among the blog world. His live show is a unique blend of live DJing of original material played alongside live synths, vocals and rhythm accompaniment. It is a one man show hat is not to be missed. SC is also an accomplished DJ. He's been a resident DJ for Tilt, Tank and PRL for over 2 years.

Short Circuit has become an in demand remixer, recently completing official remixes and releases from Pic Vicious, Yulianna and Keenhouse. Short Circuit has been featured on major blogs, most notably My Old Kentucky Home Blog, who lauded his original productions. He is currently hard at work completing his debut EP, and will have two songs released on Binary Presents: LA Lights compilation album.



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