psychodots are Cincinnati, Ohio's premier power pop trio, consisting of guitarist Rob Fetters, bassist Bob Nyswonger, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Arduser. Born out of Cincinnati's beloved Raisins and the world-travelling Bears, psychodots combine witty, heartfelt songwriting with highly skilled musicianship and electric live performances.

"In a perfect universe, the Psychodots would be millionaires and you'd know all their songs and Justin Bieber would just be some cute kid trying to date your daughter." - Rod Lockwood, Toledo Blade

Roger Klug

Currently have a bitchin' power trio with Mike Tittel on drums and Greg Tudor on bass; sometimes I play solo acoustic, which is also lovely

Before I went "solo," I was in the Willies, the Tritones, the Cheaters, Baby Alien, the Bagazoid Brothers

$15.00 - $17.00


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