Samothrace formed in early 2006 with the intent of writing heavy, blues-based doom with an emphasis on forging our own sound in the community. We released our debut album, "Life's Trade," in 2008 on 20 Buck Spin Records which found it's way to Decibel's #28 of the Top 40 Metal Albums of 2008. Our 2nd album, "Reverence to Stone" was released July 31st, 2012. Heavy music for heavy times

Fields Of Mars

If every musician is searching for that elusive sound that they hear in their heads then that would make Erich (Three Days In Vegas, Psycho Sonic Cindi) no different than the rest. He has said that it is like "musical sounds capes bouncing around like bells reverberating off the walls of some cathedral". This was the genesis of The Fields of Mars. Erich set about bringing together old band mate Brandon Lewis (Permanent Darling, Honey Driver) on guitar and Synth and Mary Anne Barckoff (Viva La Venus) on Bass. For two months or so they crafted songs that would eventually evoke the darker side of the 80's a sugary mixture of indie, pop, post rock. They eventually brought in filmmaker and musician in his own right Ismail Abdelkhalek on drums.

For fans of: Pink Floyd, New Order, Radiohead

In This World

Every single one of us is a pretty hardcore gamer. We love Cook Out. We love Pokemon. We love Jesus. Yep.

$8.00 - $9.00


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