Saw Her Stand-Up There: The Dude Night

Saw Her Stand-Up There: The Dude Night

"Saw Her Stand-Up There" features the funniest established and up-and-coming lady quipsters. Only tonight it'll be all dudes on stage!

Need a good laugh after finals? Could you use a break from your hectic work schedule? Stressed out because someone else was wearing the same t-shirt as you in the park? We've all been there! Come on down and LET IT GO ALREADY!!!

Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is a writer and producer on MTV's Girl Code and was head writer for the 2013 Style Awards on CNN. Michelle was recently named to Complex Magazine's 50 Funniest Comedians on Twitter with the likes of Steve Martin, Ricky Gervais, and Chris Rock. She is also a writer for Check Michelle out on twitter @michelleisawolf. She is literally always on it.

Photo: Mindy Tucker.

Amber Nelson

Amber Nelson is a New York based comedian who performs stand up, sketch, and improv at UCB and throughout. She is currently on the maude team- The Prom, and has previously performed with Thunder Gulch, Neighbor Boy, and Gorilla Gorilla. She hosts the UCB East stand up show Late Night Stand with Rob Stern, where they previously hosted Gutbucket. She is also a part of Eric Drysdale's The Man With F.E.E.E.T. and has performed the piece in Los Angeles and New York. She is typing this on her couch at the moment, and thinking of making a snack.


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