Daylight Dusk Edition with Nocando + more

The L.A. underground has many voices, some covered in grit and dirt, some slapping the halt, some hitting high and brassy -- but none ring truer than that of Nocando. A seasoned member of the hip-hop community who isn't content to count his battle scars by the dozens, Nocando brings fresh rhymes week after week at the world-renowned club night Low End Theory where he is the resident host, as well as to a variety of steazy joints all around the West Coast... .. With a witty style and open voice, Nocando's raps are unpredictable, funny and lean towards social commentary, although this MC is just as likely to tell you about a wild night on the streets of L.A. as to make a point about the fallacies of the music industry. Brash and confident while also being laid back, Nocando's lyrical delivery is an apt representative of the California attitude. Winner of the MC Battle at the 2007 Scribble Jam, the largest hip-hop festival in the nation, Nocando's mouth often seems to have a life of its own, throwing an excited energy onto any crowd he meets and providing an important connection between the music and the dance floor... .. Nocando's debut album, ..Jimmy the Lock.., drops on Alpha Pup Records January 26th, 2010; the initial single "Hurry Up and Wait" has garnered raving reviews from widespread locales and boasts beats from the top of the Los Angeles underground: Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Daedelus, Thavius Beck, Free the Robots, Maestroe, Th' Corn Gang and with scratching by Gaslamp Killer. The MC has also released a myriad of collaborations with artists such as Subtitle, Aceyalone, Murs, Luckyiam, Busdriver, Abstract Rude, 2mex, and many others... .. Never afraid to get dirty, Nocando has won (and lost) numerous rap battles. Countless Thursday nights spent spitting freestyle in Leimert Park in the Crenshaw District of South Central L.A. established him as Project Blowed's new school poster boy and a Customer Service hard hitter. The tireless MC has traveled to New York City, Boston, Canada, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Japan and many other locations giving international music fans a taste of Los Angeles' main exports: blue collars, brown skies, bright lights, and bullshit... .. With almost a decade of active duty in the L.A. beat scene and plenty of battle trophies under his belt, Nocando has earned the respect of peers, veterans and newcomers alike. Unpredictable and vivacious, Nocando will light any night and every crowd with his clever words and dynamic delivery style. With the continued convergence of the hip hop and electronic music communities in Los Angeles and around the world, Nocando is poised to shout his drops from the peak of the movement all the way to the vibrating dance floor of the underground...


Dumbfoundead is a walking bag of charisma. Equipped with a blunted grin, infectious attitude, and an arsenal of quick witted rhymes, the burgeoning new generation Project Blowedian with endless potential.

Raised in North Pole, Alaska, Lee Shaner a.k.a. Intuition, moved to Southern California during his college years to pursue his passion for emceeing. A true 80's baby, Intuition was raised on rap music during it's golden era and has a style that, while firmly rooted in tradition, still manages to be forward thinking and modern. With early influences ranging from bugged out hippy rap like "3 Feet High and Rising," to G-funk classics like "Doggystyle," to the gritty lo-fi hardcore ramblings of "Enter the 36 Chambers," it's safe to say the kid has a solid foundation.

About "Girls Like Me," Intuition states "People that listen to my music will know more about me than they would ever know about me by my talking to them…there's not a single lie on this album, and if someone doesn't like this record, they would probably hate me as a person." This sort of brazen honesty is something of a rarity these days in any musical genre, let alone hip hop, and that honesty alone makes him a musician worth perking your ears for.

Open Mike Eagle

With eyes refocusing on the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, Open Mike Eagle is poised to become the latest in an illustrious line of MCs to step out of the Los Angeles underground and onto the national stage. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Open Mike cut his teeth rapping with fellow broad shoulder underground MCs before moving to Los Angeles in 2004. He has since settled in with LA's Project Blowed, co-founding the crews Thirsty Fish and the Swim Team, while earning a rep as both an intelligent rhyme writer and a formidable battle MC. Gifted with a facile style, knack for droll wordplay, and penchant for penning memorable hooks that recalls fellow Blowed alums Mikah-9 and Abstract Rude, Open Mike Eagle presents art rap for the masses.

FALCONS is an amalgamation of many things, a boiling pot of styles and genre-free influence. The musical tastes range from world music to southern rap, and everything in between. The only rules are to push the boundaries of conventional r&b, rap, and electronic music, exploring new directions, but never losing site of the dancefloor.

Taurus Scott

With a foundation in Hip-Hop, LA based Producer/DJ/Engineer Taurus Scott has transcended into the territory of Dub Step.

Accused of "making grown man music" by producer, 9th Wonder, Taurus has worked w/ heavyweights like: The "G-Unit" Crew, Mike Jones, Mase, Mobb Deep and has performed at popular venues like Beat Society [NYC], Low End Theory [LA/SF], Heavy [LA], SXSW [AUS] and The Flyball [LA].

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