The Flashband Project

The Flashband Project

What is the Flashband Project?

The Flashband Project is about connecting musicians. It’s about building a community of local musicians, bumping them into each other and seeing what they come up with. It’s about being inspired to play new music, and meeting new people. It’s about helping musicians make more music.
Flashband Events

The Flashband events bring together a group of musicians who form new, temporary bands (Flashbands). After a short period of rehearsal, we put them on stage for a one-night only show. For the musicians, the Flashband Project is an excuse to take chances, play with new musicians, or experiment with new styles. For the audience it’s a chance to see a diverse group of local musicians playing their best fifteen minutes each.

The Flashband Project started in January 2012, when Neal’s band went on hiatus. The first event was at a house party in Columbia Heights in Washington DC, and had 25 musicians and nine bands. Everyone involved was so excited about it, it was clear it needed to become a regular occurrence.

For a special post-Valentine’s Day Flashband showcase, we turn to what may be the song topic most written about - love. If the day for lovers didn’t pan out as well as you hoped, put your sadness to use by joining up with some fellow musicians and singing some songs in the Heartbreak Ballads show. We’ll have 40+ musicians form about 8 temporary bands that each do a fifteen minute set to sing songs about love and loss; at the end of their set, as with all Flashband showcases, the bands will break up as well.

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