Ecid, mc/producer & fill in the breaks poster child is one of those rare artists that can rap, write, & produce in an arguably equal fashion. As a writer/mc Ecid crafts thoughtful, visual, honest, Heart over mind songs. As a producer he is the definition of a record digger. His sample based/drum heavy beat-scapes can be colorful, abrasive, grungy, simple, beyond bizzy, soulful, sparse & or dark. As a fearless leader Ecid is aimed at building "Fill In The Breaks" into one of the premiere indie-hiphop labels in North America, all while leaving America as paranoid & afraid of themselves as ever.

"Biograffiti" was Ecid's coming of age record, a personal glimpse at a twenty something just trying to figure it all out. "Economy Size goDD Costume" was his f--- you record, an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, honest to goodness middle finger in the face of society's time tested cliché's. And "Red Beretta" his third official solo album is the career-defining album that people five years from now will associate him with.

Known for his intense, personable, & insanely energetic live shows. Ecid has shared stages with the likes of KRS-ONE, Eyedea (E&A), Awol One (Shapeshifters), Sole of Anticon, OMD, 2MEX, QWEL of Typical Cats, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Blueprint, Glue, Hanger 18, Heiruspecs, POS, Sims, Cecil Otter, RA The Rugged Man, Killah Priest, Grayskul, Blowfly, & Count Bass D to name a few.

His new album Red Beretta, which is a "concept" album based on the bizarre events that turn a modern day hero into a monster is in heavy rotation on college radio stations across the US and has received praise from fans, peers & press alike. So check it out. Or else!

"Ecid is playing some really cool audio games with the samples he uses, and some of the production techniques help pull the listener in and keep them there. It's not only a rapper's album, but it's for the production heads too, who will be smiling at the known sounds and scratching their heads at the unknown ones for days, if not months or years."- OKAYPLAYER.COM

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