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The Dot Wiggin Band

The Shaggs’ “Philosophy of the World” quietly debuted 44 years ago and eventually became the crown jewel for outsider music fans because of its charming and discordant pop songs. Now, the Shaggs’ singer and songwriter, Dot Wiggin is back to break the silence and share her uncommonly cute, uncanny music on her 1st ever solo album, Ready! Get! Go! (virus 460). Frank Zappa said the Shaggs were “better than the Beatles” and Kurt Cobain regarded them as “so obviously the real

The Dot Wiggin Band retains some Shaggs-ish character, without missing a beat or trying to recreate what once was. The band is better at their instruments than Dot’s sisters were but retain the original crude allure that made the Shaggs so special. Ready! Get Go! varies from raw punkish indie to pretty virginal melodies, all with Dot’s whimsical lyrics. Dot’s lyrics are simple but haunting, without ever becoming formulaic or gimmicky. Her peculiar, sweet voice rolls along the different musical styles surprisingly well, tying Ready! Get Go! together. It is exactly what one wants to hear after a 44 year musical hiatus – something reminiscent of the Shaggs, but refreshingly matured.

Ready! Get! Go! is a mix of never-recorded Shaggs songs and new classics written by Dot Wiggin and her band! "Speed Limit" is a danceable track with a catchy chorus-chant that showcases the innocent fun loving side of the band, whereas "Boo Hoo," shows their capacity for the melancholy western tune. "Speed Limit 2" offers rambunctious and berserk rock n' roll-noise that comes as a powerful surprise and delight. "Banana Bike" is an unrecorded Shaggs song given new life with Dot’s signature bashfulness. Upbeat and heavyhearted, "The Fella with a Happy Heart," is another classic Shaggs-era song that was never heard until now. The album ends with a cover of “End of the World,” a new take on Skeeter Davis’s 1962 cowboy hit that demonstrates the diversity of Ready! Get! Go! Ready! Get ! Go! is the surprise comeback album of the year. After only a few shows, the band is flooded with requests for touring and concerts as well as press requests. It may have been 44 years since Dot’s last record but 2013 will be the year of Dot Wiggin!

Jad Fair and Gilles Rieder

In 1974, with his brother David, Jad Fair founded the lo-fi group Half Japanese. Since then, Half Japanese released nearly 30 records.[1]

Besides Half Japanese Fair performs and records as a solo artist, as well as collaborating with such artists as Terry Adams, Norman Blake, Kevin Blechdom, Isobel Campbell, Eugene Chadbourne, DQE, Steve Fisk, Fred Frith, God Is My Co-Pilot, Richard Hell, Daniel Johnston, J. Mascis, Jason Willett, Monster Party, Weird Paul Petroskey, R. Stevie Moore, Thurston Moore, The Pastels, Phono-Comb, Steve Shelley, Strobe Talbot, Teenage Fanclub, The Tinklers, Moe Tucker, Bill Wells, Jason Willett, Adult Rodeo, Lumberob, Yo La Tengo, and John Zorn. Because of his constant output and his large series of collaborations, his discography is very large, and mostly consists of releases on small independent labels. In 1982 Fair released his first solo work, the single "The Zombies of Mora-Tau" followed by the full length album Everyone Knew ... But Me one year later.

Besides his musical career he's also active as a visual artist, drawings as well as papercuttings. He took up papercutting to alleviate boredom while touring on the road.[2] Many of the album covers are made by Fair. Four books of Fair's art have been published. Exhibitions of Fair's paper cuts and drawings have taken place in New York, Tokyo, Glasgow, Austin, Paris, London, Houston, The Hague at the State-X New Forms festival and in Nantes at Le Lieu Unique together with Daniel Johnston.

It's Spooky is a 1989 collaboration album by Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair. Strange but True is a collaborative album between the band Yo La Tengo and Jad Fair. It was released by Matador Records in 1998. Song titles on the album were taken from outrageous newspaper headlines. In 2002 Fair recorded an album with R. Stevie Moore, titled FairMoore, described as "a lovely, heartfelt effort that shows both in top form" by Dave Mandl, who stated that it "brings together two fiercely original figures in the American music underground", the album consisting of Fair reciting his poetry over Moore's instrumental backing. Words Of Wisdom And Hope is a collaboration between Glasgow, Scotland's Teenage Fanclub and Fair, released in 2002.

In 2008 Vincent Moon made a short documentary called Paris lost in Texas, which is part of his The Take-Away Shows-series. In this short movie he visits Fair in house in Texas. In the same year experimental instrument builder Yuri Landman constructed for Fair a special 2 string instrument called the Bachelor QS. In 2011 Half Japanese reunits as a live band and tours through Europe. In 2011 Thick Syrup Records released the compilation album '78 LTD. This album features the track "36 Perfect Ways I Ching of Love" Fair made with Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M.). In 2012 Fair contributes to the Landman album That's Right Go Cats with a 22 minute vocal contribution on side A of the record. The Nantes based venue Le Lieu Unique has organised a large exhibition of graphical work made by Fair and Daniel Johnston in April 2012. In the same month Fair released a lost album called Songs from a Haunted House with Gilles Reider on Interbang Records.

In 2012 Jad Fair released on Joyful Noise Recordings a collaboration with French experimentalist trio Hifiklub, and German guitarist/producer kptmichigan. The band was originally assembled to provide the audio component to Jad Fair's art exhibition at Le Dojo - Nice in France, 2011.

Blanche Blanche Blanche

What planet are Blanche Blanche Blanche really from? It's a reasonable
question to pose at the Brattleboro, Vt., duo of Zach Phillips and
Sarah Smith, who have produced one of the year's most thoroughly
alien-sounding pop albums.The world of Blanche Blanche Blanche is
mapped by minimal synth-work with an early-1970s feel, recorded
without computers or sequencers, using a Yamaha MT8X eight-track, the
same model Ariel Pink used to record the first Haunted Graffiti album
in the late 1990s. While their profiles continue to grow, we're lucky
to have groups like Blanche Blanche Blanche, taking the reins and
going deep to explore the parameters of electronic pop at its most
legitimately peculiar.


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