SELECT ALL: A Queer Mixer

SELECT ALL: A Queer Mixer

► ► YENTA: Topher Gross

► ► MUSIC BY IZLA (of Azucar, La Joteria)
► ► COVER: $5 (21+)
► ► Door: LouLou
Yes, this event is really from 7:00pm - 11:00pm.

New in town and want to make friends? Recently single (or poly) and looking for a cute new date? Want to get your professional networking on? Or may you are just grown and want to hang out and casually socialize in a safer space before 9PM? We got you!

At Select All, your yenta for the evening Topher Gross, offer a little something for everyone.

This broadly inclusive LGBTQIGNCTS+ mixer sets the stage for making new connections, whether new friends, professional networking, or sparking romantic interest for singles and the otherwise available. Mellow, after-work atmosphere, makes even the most shy comfortable.

PLEASE NOTE: Being in this space doesn't equal consent. Be sure to engage in active consent with other folks there, whether you -- or the other person -- are there to mingle, flirt, make new friends or meet new dates. This event is 21+.

Do not assume anyone's intentions for being in the space, their pronoun, gender identity or sexuality. This is a safer space for folks across the LGBTQIGNCTS+ spectrum.

This space is wheelchair accessible. Please contactTopher if you have any questions or concerns

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