Armida, Baroque Opera Celebration

New Opera NYC

New Opera NYC presents “Armida, Baroque Opera Celebration” – Italian Baroque opera pastiche, created by Igor Konyukhov, featuring music from 13 different operas by G.F.Handel, A. Vivaldi and other baroque composers. All musical pieces are bound together by an original libretto, centered around the character of Armida – an archetypal abandoned woman, whose story, originally told by T. Tasso in La Jerusalemme Liberata, inspired many artist to create their work. The modern compelling plot eliminates excessive complexities of the eponymous myth and gestures towards tension between dream and reality, the possibilities and limits of illusion. The story of the opera is focused on the concept of free will in choosing whom to love while projecting our expectations and discovering the self truths that torture our sense of being and those around us. The story asks us to consider the nature of reality and our emotions, and the degree to which we control what we feel.

“The Armida Project,” an odd, surreal Baroque pastiche…It follows on the heels of another genial Baroque pastiche this season, the Metropolitan Opera’s “Enchanted Island.” Of the two “The Armida Project” is probably closer to the original pastiches of the 17th and 18th centuries…” -Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

$21.00 - $59.99


Opera is performed fully costumed and staged with a chamber Baroque orchestra led by Raphael Fusco. Approximate duration is 2 hours with 20 minutes intermission between acts. *COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAILS INCLUDED WITH EVERY TICKET. PREMIUM TICKETS INCLUDE UNLIMITED COMPLIMENTARY CHAMPAGNE before the show and during intermission. Must be 21 years old*

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