Smokestack Relics

Smokestack Relics

Before Smokestack Relics was ever a band, they started off as a good group of friends. Chris "Jorgie" Jorgenson, now the band's drummer, would have a party every Sunday in his garage which turned into a jam session every Sunday. Jamming became writing songs, and after the group realized the potential of their musical connection, Smokestack Relics (SSR) was formed. Chris was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado. However, Collin Neil Webb (on rhythm guitar/vocals/harmonica) and Cameron Allen Webb (lead guitar) were not born in Colorado.

In 1989, Collin was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a quaint town named Broken Arrow. Collin was introduced to Classic Rock and Blues by his father at a young age. Soon after he started playing his first classical acoustic guitar, he learned to play some songs by listening to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. This music inspired him and he knew music was his destiny. In 1992, Cameron was born in Kansas City, Kansas where he only spent a year before moving back to Tulsa. He became interested in playing guitar after watching his brother play for about a year, and he decided to teach himself after learning only a handful of tips. In 2005, Collin and Cameron moved to Lakewood after losing their home in Oklahoma. Being in high school at the time, Collin and Chris had met a few times in passing but didn't become good friends until realizing their similarities and their love for music. Chris was in jazz and marching bands at the time, playing all different types of percussive instruments. He fell in love with the drums once he got a chance to buy his first set. He found the love he needed to become a strong and dedicated musician. With his Mitch Mitchell style finesse and power reminiscent of John Bonham, Chris learned early on how to fit in with most any type of music.

After trying out countless drummers to form a band, Collin and Cameron finally played with Chris and realized what potential he had. The band wasn't formed right away, the guys would jam once a week at least. But when they realized the music they could make together was something new, with the feel of something old, and it worked … SSR was formed.

Since then, Collin and Cameron have gone their own way and are continuing the Smokestack Relic name by themselves.

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