Vital G

Vital G

Different styles. Different backgrounds. Different genres. All coming together to make fun, explosive rock tunes with a funky backbeat and soulful vocals. Like if RnB and Funk rock had a baby, mixed with some folk rock and peppered with hooks — that is Vital G.

Is it a rockin' blues band? Or a funky jazz band? Whatever it is, it'll get your feet stomping, your hands clapping and your voice cheering. It's music that puts a smile on your face.

Lilly Wolf

Described as “pop music for pop music snobs,” New York duo Lilly Wolf have created a catchy collaboration of electronic music infused with the perfect dose of melody, hard-hitting beats, and insightful lyrics. With a devoted indie following, the band has been gearing up for commercial success, with songs regularly soundtracking TV shows such as "The Real World," “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and "The Bad Girls Club."
The project is made up of front woman Lilly Wolfson and producer Alex Neuhausen (Dr. Nu). While the duo consists of these two equal partners, Wolfson’s name and face represent them. While studying at Stanford University, Wolfson and Neuhausen met online in a musician-based Facebook group. At the time, Wolfson had a singer/songwriter focus and recruited Neuhausen to play the guitar. Having won several singing competitions and performed on “A Prairie Home Companion,” Wolfson was pursuing a more acoustic sound. However, after a few years of performing music in the Bay Area, the two transitioned their sound and entered the EDM arena, employing synths, elements of house and dubstep, and their own electro flavorings to craft an entirely different sound.

Josh Tobias

Sarah McGowan

Sarah McGowan is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and cat enthusiast. Inspired by a diverse group of music including Joni Mitchell, Frank Ocean, and Elliott Smith, Sarah mixes her folk music with a rock edge to create a unique sound. Sarah is backed by guitarist Adam Adhiyatma, drummer Nick Duba, and violinist Lydia Brown, all of whom enjoy cats.



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