Afton Live Presents: Bermudian Aggression, Puppet Radio, Michael Van & The Movers, Joshua Lighthall, Cosmic Venus, Royal Skin, Hopi Astronaut,, J Highgrade, Sound It Out!

Bermudian Aggression

Josh's music is for all the folks who have to squeeze to fill the interstices between the workweek's concrete jungle and the weekend's social and sleep catch-up with some form of artistic expression. With the help of a guitar or bass, and with (luckily) talented players and sound engineer types from the San Francisco area music scene, Josh writes and sings songs above love and loss, success and failure, and the part-time search for what is truly beautiful and worthwhile in life. Josh regularly plays music with the Gemini Gentlemen of Narwhal Brigade, keyboardist and producer Dan Allard, and credits - for his musical education - old friends like AJ Magnuson of Blackstone Heist, Cody Page of Armada, MC Lars, and Jill Wheaton. Special thanks for most of the new recordings - which will be on the forthcoming acoustic, etc., EP, "Bermudian Aggression" - go to James Boblak at Artspoke Studios in Berkeley.

Bermudian Aggression is also the name of a nascent acoustic quadrangle, featuring Dan Allard on keys, Kyle Hubbard on hand drums, and Amy Nathan on flute.

Puppet Radio

Puppet Radio is an alternative rock band based out of Fairfield, California. The band is composed of five members: AhSa-Ti Nu – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Anuj Arora – Guitars/Keyboard, David Bosse – Guitars, Chade Dixon – Drums/Percussion, and Carson Rogers – Bass. The band's final lineup was formed in the fall of 2011 shortly before the release of their debut EP, Mostly Live In The Studio.

Hopi Astronaut

Born in the crucible of debauchery that is San Francisco; introducing the band yer mama would've warned you about, had she been in the know.

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