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The Code Band

Roots Reggae


We are a band made up of three brothers and our dad. We are from Glendale, Arizona.


The group Remedy consist of 4 talented Samoan singers who are coming up in the Samoan and Poly Reggae Music scene. They are Alvin, Junior, Rey and JR. These young men have major singing skills and can harmonize all day. Its their love for music that bonds them together as well as their culture. Their Samoan heritage allows them to bring more to the table as individuals because they have this natural ability to seek out the harmony and blend as their brothers and sisters in the islands have been doing regularly as part of the culture.
They are preparing to start their first recording project which will be coordinated by Jack's Entertainment Group for a release in a few months. This CD will combine all styles of music and feature each singer. The emphasis is to feature their Samoan heritage which they all acknowledge as the source of their unity and harmonic style. But more importantly they wish to pay tribute to their Heavenly Father who is the author of their success and talents. As a result there will be religious songs, dance songs, love songs and more. This will be a combination of modern style harmonizing and hip musical arrangements but maintaining a certain Polynesian flavor that only they can bring. Its a combined effort of writing, arranging and performing that these young men believe will introduce who they are to their own people and eventually the world.
This is a new experience for Alvin, Junior, Rey and JR, but they have a certain maturity that allows them to continue to improve. What Remedy is today is no indication of where they will be in a few years. All we see now is a shadow of things to come. Its their goal to reach for the stars and make their dream of bringing their blend of Polynesian style music to the world, a reality. The goals are in sight now its just a matter of putting in the work.
The team working to make this happen include a number of veterans in the music scene. Jack Siaki Lata is the manager, plays lead guitar and keyboards in the band which backs these singers in their live performances. The band consists of Jack and Nate Lata on drums (father and son team), Albert Ainuu on bass and Romeo the other keyboard player. Jack has been working on putting the boys through the vocal workouts necessary to make them competitive in the Dog eat Dog world of entertainment. He has many others who are helping and they will all be acknowledged in due time. Remedy may be new on the scene but they have a large number of supporters from wives and family members to friends and professionals who see their potential to rise to the top.
Its going to be an exciting ride for these young men, but we hope they will maintain their purpose and stay humble, which will propel them to new heights. We just hope that you will join us as we take this ride with Remedy. Please fasten your seat belts and hang on......



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