Blackfoot Gypsies, Shotgun Gambling, The Fuckers, Die Die Mahalo

Blackfoot Gypsies

Matthew Paige and Zack Murphy ARE the Blackfoot Gypsies. They are the amplifier for your heart and soul, your love and hate, your on and off, your push and pull. With caution being checked at the door, there is no room for thinking... only feeling. Breaking the lines between hipsters, punks, posers, dads, normies, cowboys, rockers, and burnouts; everyone gets stripped to the core on the floor. And no one leaves the same as they came before.
Scouting the future of the American music that has been progressing since the dawn of time. There's no stunting the Blackfoot and there's no stopping the Gypsies.
The torch has been lit and will be carried with pride, speaking up for a generation unlike any other. It's all happening here, and it's all happening now.

Shotgun Gambling

Hitting up bars and coughing up tar, Shotgun Gambling is coming at you like that mortgage you gambled away on the roulette table. Shotgun combines the energy from a dirty punk rock basement with the atmosphere of a high class biker car. With a wide range of punk and rockabilly influences, varying from Cock Sparrer, Stray Cats, Zero Boys, and Dropkick Murphys, what may seem like just a punk rock band is more than it appears to be. Shotgun's biggest influence is old school rock and roll, with influences like Del Shannon, Frankie Valli, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. When you go to a Shotgun Gambling show, you'll never know what to expect, but make sure you bring your dancing shoes- and a pack of band-aids.

The Fuckers

It all started one fateful night at a party. The Marks were fucked up, as usual, and talking about their shared love of awful noise (aka punk music). It was inevitable; The Fuckers were born.
The Marks found two other Fuckers, Lewie and Phil. Over the summer of 2010, The Fuckers started cranking out songs, each one shittier than the last. Gallons of booze later, The Fuckers made some live recordings of their sloppy brand of punk.
It didn't stop there. Songs kept spewing out, until the first Fuckers full length album was born. 12 songs, less than 30 minutes, entitled FUCK YOU! Since then, The Fuckers have played with the likes of The Dwarves, The World/Inferno Friendship Society and Social Distortion.
These days, The Fuckers continue to crank out songs and seek out anywhere they can destroy people's hearing and peace of mind. Their live show is a mix of drunken ramblings and high energy songs from across the punk genre, all guaranteed to entertain.
They are The Fuckers, and they're gonna fuck shit up!

Die Die Mahalo

Die, Die Mahalo is a solo ukulele Misfits and other punk rock themed review.



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