Alongside his trademark sound, Till von Sein exudes an aura of noble grandeur mixed with the genuine enthusiasm of a child with a favourite toy when he's busy in the DJ booth. But Tilly’s toy, which in this case is house and its countless derivatives, won’t ever end up forgotten in the corner. Long after the wrapping paper has been thrown away, what Till loves has yet to lose its magic. For von Sein, the sound of an 808 clap triggers a state of ecstasy, which in his hands emerges as pure euphoria on the dance floor. Time and again, his thumping transitions and heart-racing sets send listeners into overdrive, revealing the very core of house, soul and techno, while hitting on just what makes these genres so exciting.

Despite his intimate knowledge of the industry, which might allow him to slip easily into a been-there-done-that attitude, Till von Sein shows non-stop enthusiasm. For the last ten years, he has run the internationally active Clique Bookings at the side of Claudia Marquardt. More recently, his work as a producer has grown to encompass a vast catalogue of releases on labels such as Suol, Dirt Crew and Supplement Facts. He has collaborated with artists such as Tigerskin, Aera, Chopstick and Catz’n’Dogz, and his DJ work has long been a fixture in the international club scene. After his 2011 solo album "#LTD" (Suol), von Sein enjoyed a fully booked calendar and successful tour through South Africa, Japan, USA and Europe. He continues to ride a wave of success. In 2013, he released his personal contribution to the Suol Mates mix series, and further EP releases are in the works. Upcoming projects for 2014 include a new solo album and a project with producer and friend Tigerskin.


Palermo-native Rosario is a man of action. Party sergeant by night, like a dog in heat, he’s never satisfied with a bone that’s thrown at him. His energy brightens the vibe and is felt immediately when he is around and the party’s always better when Rosario’s behind the decks.

Rosario is an integral part of the DC-nightlife scene. He was a fixture in the notorious afterhours Rent parties and continues to be in popular demand, regularly asked to perform at parties by various promoters.

Benoit Benoit

Born in New York, growing up in Paris, Benoit couldn't get away from house if he tried. His first introduction to house was at the age 12, when one of his father's girlfriend's gave him a Giant Step Recordings compilation. From that moment on, he was fascinated by the grooves and began his exploration of all things that required a deeper sensibility. Going to clubs in Paris such as the Queen, L'enfer, Les Bains Douche, he understood that house was a very powerful tool. Going to clubs in New York such as Vinyl, Shelter, Sound Factory at an early age, he understood the roots of house and more than anything the uniting power and spiritual experience it can provide. In 2010, Benoit founded Deep Secrets in an attempt to share that experience with others.

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