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Billi Shakes

Billi Shakes transports her audience with Her unique blend of Bass Bumping 1920's Libertine Punk and Digital Cabaret.

Not only is Billi the front singer and song writer for the PHAKESPEARE ORCHESTRA, she is also the sole choreographer for the group.

Studying African dance while living in South Africa, Billi combines modern day hip-hop, native African dance and classic burlesque styling, giving this unique form of performance a new and timeless feel.

Once again proving that NYC's melting pot of culture and art is alive and exquisite as ever, everybody gather round, come see who's in your town. You may only get once chance to ride on this SuperSystem!

Stroamata wore many colors, took many different shapes, and created a wide and wild array of sounds throughout the mid 2000's. It wasn't until 2008 with the release of the self produced album Things Left Lying Around did Stroamata really come into being. The sound and style grew with their second release, The Phoenix EP, in 2010. Stroamata played just about every club in Boston and has built a strong reputation for often being the best band on the bill. Now Stroamata is taking their sound to Brooklyn, to light a raging fire.


Familiar faces on the Brooklyn music scene, the well-loved and dance-friendly Discovery have a reputation for engergizing and delighting seen-it-all NYC audiences. The ensemble is fronted by vocalist Kathleen Cholewka and distinguished by musicianship that reveals roots in both the dance clubs and the conservatory. Each performance is specially designed to be a unique experience - in the moment - and presented in a spirit of inclusivity… a one-of-a-kind show from a one-of-a-kind group. Those who talk about music talk about Discovery. Look for the new CD this fall - Look at You: a Sextet


"A Brooklyn outfit with star power in their veins… a live band with real disco chops"
(Another Night on Earth)

"The sort of sound that makes you want to be in a crowd of people, toasting to new experiences with your very closest friends" (The Big Red Apple)

"Sounds like Blondie fresh from a trip to Kenya" (On The Scene)

Look for the CD Pushy by Discovery on iTunes and amazon

$8.00 - $10.00


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