5th Annual Marion County Public Defender Ball

Blue Moon Revue

Blue Moon Revue is a true rock n roll band in every sense of the word. Mixing the diverse musical backgrounds of the bands members into a style all their own, Blue Moon Revue formed back in 1999 when a couple of Indiana University students wanted to get together and play the kind of music they loved.

While most college bands call it quits after graduation, these guys remained friends and continued making music together. The strength and longevity of that relationship has been essential to the band's songwriting and development over the years.

Now calling the great city of Indianapolis their home, Blue Moon Revue has toured nationally and shared the stage with many other notable acts such as Santana, Galactic, OK GO and The Meat Puppets to name a few.

Morning Goldrunner

Andrew and Michelle met in 2009 when the two shared philosophical nonsense during their downtown walks to Starbucks. At that time, Andrew was performing with a different band and Michelle went to his shows and whistled a lot in the audience.

As time passed, Michelle and Andrew would have "Musical Lunch Dates" where they traded listens to each other's new songs on a guitar fondly dubbed "Seamus McDaddy." They quickly learned that they shared a mutual love for the power of words to tell stories. In Spring of 2012, they finally realized that it might be pretty rad to sing their songs together.

Cultivating a sound that, at once, encompasses the humor and playfulness of Johnny and June, the gravity of the Civil Wars, and the breeziness of the Eagles, Andrew and Michelle enlisted the cello stylings of longtime collaborator and friend, Grover Parido. Aside from having one of the coolest names ever in music, Grover's no rules/no boundaries approach to cello playing made him the perfect complement to Michelle and Andrew. You might even catch him with a banjo every now and then.

And now?

In not more than a year, Morning Goldrunner has established itself as a potent and kinetic live act. Winning the Birdy's Battle of the Bands in Indianapolis after only 7 months playing together, the band showed that, despite their newness, they belonged and were a force to be reckoned with.

What started as "Musical Lunch Dates" has evolved into a growing list of shows around the Indianapolis area, and Morning Goldrunner has charmed diverse audiences from sweaty rock clubs to intimate house parties.

With the recording and upcoming release of their first full-length album, "Imagining the Fire," the band never forgets what has brought them to this point: friendship, telling stories...and Seamus McDaddy.

Andrew Bean - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Kick
Michelle Keesling - Lead vocals/percussion
Grover Parido - Cello Man

Jay Elliott

Jay has been a respected musician in the Indianapolis Music scene for over a decade. He is the front man for Stereo Deluxe and on this special evening will be providing us with some of his original solo music during a wonderful acoustic set.



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