SpectreFest Presents: A Stones Throw Halloween

SpectreFest Presents: A Stones Throw Halloween

Instead of apple-bobbing, try head-nodding your way through All Hallow's Evening with a stellar lineup of beatmeisters and spellbinders from the Stones Throw Records roster. Vex Ruffin will rattle skeletons with rafter-shaking beats before Pyramid Vritra casts dark spells with hypnotic rhymes. Then Synth master Chrome Canyon electrifies with his own sonic take on giallo, and finally a very special costumed cabaret by Peanut Butter Wolf alter ego Folerio, whose circa-1984 drum machine/spoken word epics threaten Andy Kaufman's legend. Take a break in the outdoor smoking lounge, and zone out on bizarro horror projections curated by the SpectreFest programmers. Costumes encouraged for this Masquerade Beat-Ball.

Folerio (Peanut Butter Wolf)

Folerio is the first signing to PB Wolf's new label Good Time Records. Wolf tried to sign him to Stones Throw, but he declined, saying "Folerio is for the people and Stones Throw is not for the people."

This first single shows off Folerio's romantic writing skills and computer drum programming with "You're So Precious", a heart wrenching spoken word epic number. It was chosen to be placed in the new Bruno film, but Folerio declined saying "Folerio is for the people and Bruno is not for the people."

Rounding out the 7-inch are "A Second Chance" and "Heartbreaker", two retro-futuristic electric ballads where Folerio straight rips off Prince's "Do Me Baby" and mumbles through the lyrics in an ever so cryptic, yet powerful way.

The songs were all written in 1984 and recorded by Folerio recently. Folerio and PB Wolf are no longer on speaking terms due to a personal business matter and Folerio is not available for interviews or appearances because Folerio is for the people and the people are not for Folerio.

Vex Ruffin

On paper Vex Ruffin’s music is simple: an untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways, he calls the style ‘minimalist.’ Although it may not seem like it upon first listen, Vex’s music is rooted in sampling and hip hop beat-making culture. The SP 303 sampler provides the drums and other sounds, a purchase inspired by Madlib.

Vex is the first and only artist signed to Stones Throw Records on the strength of an unsolicited demo sent through the mail. Peanut Butter Wolf recalls, “It was kind of a fluke that I listened. I just liked the drawing on the cover so I decided to check it out. I called the phone number on the CD and Vex thought I was his friend playing a practical joke.”

These days, Vex is playing shows around LA and OC as a 3-piece band while getting ready for his debut EP release on Stones Throw in July and his full length at the end of 2011. He just played his dream gig at The Smell and is now ready for Coachella and 106 & Park.

Pyramid Vritra

Experimental artist and producer from the boundary pushing collectives Odd Future and NRK (nobodyreallyknows) blending jazz, hip hop, soul rhythms with intellegent dance and story telling in inventive, technical, and inspiring ways that bring together the most eclectic of fans. Vritra has released several Eps and his depute full LP titled "Pyramid" was released in August 2012. Vritra is also known for his work as 1/2 of Odd Future's The Jet age of tomorrow who have released 3 albums. Voyager, Journey To the 5th Echelon, and recently, Jellyfish Mentality.

Chrome Canyon

Chrome Canyon is the solo project of composer / producer Morgan Z, who was a member of the NY underground cult band Apes & Androids. Since their break-up Morgan has spent his time collecting a wide range of rare analog synths and gear in his Brooklyn studio while writing, recording and producing his brand of original soundtrack sci-fi / space disco. His remixes (for artist such as Phoenix, Passion Pit, Anoraak, and Erika Spring) have been widely circulated and praised, and his remix of Foster the Peoples "Pumped Up Kicks" was in the Top 20 downloads of 2011 for RCRDLBL.com and released as a b-side to the UK single. His first release "Body Music" was put out by the French label On The Fruit. His first full length "Elemental Themes" is due out later this year.

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