Barbez, Spires That In the Sunset Rise, Page Campbell (of Hope For AGoldensummer & Dream Boat)

Sui generis Brooklyn-based ensemble Barbez celebrate the release of their fifth album Bella Ciao (Tzadik), a stunning suite of music inspired by both ancient Roman Jewish melodies and the Italian Resistance during the Second World War, with a few, very special Midwestern dates including this one in bandleader and guitarist Dan Kaufman's beloved hometown. Nearly four years in the making, the record weaves the melodies of the Jews of Rome, the oldest Jewish community in Europe, into the group’s haunting mosaic of avant-rock, old-world-cabaret, and European folksong. Bella Ciao also pays homage to the Italian partisans during the Nazi occupation of Rome, incorporating Resistance poems by the great Italian writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini and his renowned contemporary, the poet Alfonso Gatto into the music, as well as recasting the title track, an international symbol of defiance for seventy years. The record was record and mixed by Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth) at his legendary studio in Brooklyn, NY. These performances will feature Peter Hess (Balkan Beat Box) on clarinet and bass clarinet, Jean Cook (Jon Langford) on violin, Dan Kaufman on guitar, Andrew Jones on bass, and John Bollinger (Sway Machinery) on drums.

Spires That In the Sunset Rise

Spires That in the Sunset Rise have been unsettling and thrilling audiences for over a decade now with their brand of sonic alchemy. Combining traditional acoustic instruments like cello, spike fiddle and banjo with electric elements and mesmerizing chants, one can call them goth, folk, psychedelic, experimental, electronic--and it all applies. Four full length releases on labels like Secret Eye and Galactic Zoo Disk and well-received world tours have earned them comparisons to such artists as Current 93, Harry Partch, Comus, Yoko Ono and The Residents. The group is now paired down to long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson.

Page Campbell (of Hope For AGoldensummer & Dream Boat)

Hope For Agoldensummer is a family band, living and working in the fine town of Athens, GA. A junkyard-orchestra. An anarchist-soul-choir. For nearly a decade, this band has traveled the USA creating rusty, gutter angel melodies with a slide guitar, banjo, jangly percussion, glockenspiel, singing saw, piano and a few old coke bottles. The defining sound of the band lies in the frighteningly beautiful sibling harmonies of sisters, Claire and Page Campbell.

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