Faraway Brothers with Eric McFadden

Faraway Brothers with Eric McFadden

San Francisco band Faraway Brothers may be the West Coast's most eclectic combo, blending jazz, blues, rock, country and swing into a twist-and-turn musical experience that has given the band a mythical reputation among jam band fans and music industry insiders. Faraway Brothers are guitarist Eric McFadden (Stockholm Syndrome, P-Funk, The Animals), bassist Ed Ivey (Rhythm Pigs, Brass Monkey Brass Band), drummer Paulo Baldi (Cake, Les Claypool), and organist Chip Roland (Zero, Doug Kershaw). Join the fuN! The Gravel Spreaders open this night of unforgettable music!

The Gravel Spreaders

The new album "Metal Hee Haw" is what happens when a metal-head hopped up on moonshine, spite and Hank Williams III uses sweet talk and coercion to coax three musicians into wearing coveralls and playing twang instrumentals of hair-metal covers.

Thus, The Gravel Spreaders was born. Singing lead and slapping the hell out of his trusty Bandit, Bud Hole leads a motley crew consisting of mandolin masher and jaw harpist, Dr. Buck Knife, dobro-slider and gitter-picker, Uncle Mungar, and banjoleer and high-pitched harmonizer, Buzzy "secret sauce" Do-Well through a debut album consisting of 13 songs of lust, remorse, Satan, beer, and the trailer-park hits of yesteryear, blue-grass style. The result: the birth of Gravel-Billy.

With a set list that covers Johnny Cash, Ozzy, Rage Against the Machine and everything in between, the Spreaders remind us that nothing is sacred.

Bud (Tom Beyer), Doc (K.S. Haddock), Uncle Mungar (Mark Ungar) and Buzzy Do-Well (Pete Feltman) are long-time Bay Area multi-instrumentalists who collectively have several albums, movie scores, and San Francisco Fringe Festival awards to their credit. Look up The Gravel Spreaders on Facebook and at www.thegravelspreaders.com . Buy their music on iTunes or buy the physical album by emailing thegravelspreaders@gmail.com .




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