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The Rest Is Up To You

A band from North Carolina, The Rest Is Up To You provides songs that make you want to sing-a-long and dance. With influences from the good old days of pop punk, The Rest Is Up To You is sure to be a good time. "Enjoy The Show!" the bands debut EP was recorded in Baltimore, Maryland with producers Dan Book and Alexi Misoul of Misty Hill Music. "Enjoy The Show" IS OUT NOW on iTunes!


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Uh Huh Baby Yeah

"All my friends are dead. Hope that you like living with regret, because you're just lying to yourselves."

It's a story we all know too well. All bands fall on conflict and most never live long enough to tell the tale. In this case, what seemed to be the beginning of the end only breathed fresh air into a band that is just getting started.

For Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, conflict is all part of the bigger equation. "We've seen so much turmoil and for the longest time it was hard to rise above it", says singer Kevin Fletcher, "And it shows in our music. We're coming back harder, faster, heavier - this is a side of us you've never seen."

Coming off the release of their debut album, Till Death Do Us Party, the guys in UHBY! were unsure of where to go at first. "There were two ways this next set of tunes could go", replies Sean Smith, the brains behind the rhythm section, "We could essentially make Till Death (Do Us Party) part 2, or we could take elements we enjoyed from it and utilize our experiences to make a more mature, well rounded album. We chose the latter."

"The lies that you sold are worth more than gold. And now the joke’s on you.”

Ranging from subjects of heartache, divorce, revenge and reawakening, UHBY! have a lot more to say on this release than ever before. The recently released single, "Dead Friends" tackles the departure of their guitarist and bass player head on. The song bangs from the start and infects you with the catchiest of choruses. Pronouncing all of your friends "dead" isn't something most people take lightly. But, the boys are just heating up.

Other songs included on their upcoming release are party anthem "Dances With Wolves", revenge jam "Whores Will Be Whores" and the jazz infused ballad "Ocean of You". “There’s a more mature theme to this album than the last”, says guitarist John Braboy, “Don’t get me wrong – we still love to party. But, we’ve grown up a bit. We have more to talk about.”

Uh Huh Baby Yeah! have just wrapped shooting on the video for “Dead Friends”, are headed to the studio to start production on the new album this November and will follow with a tour upon the release of the album in March. They’re amped, excited and ready to take over the world. After everything they’ve experienced, UHBY! have issued a call to action:

“We rise to the occasion. Where the f*ck are you now?”

The Water Between

Bio - The Water Between started in the fall of 2013 when Jarrett Ross and Aaron Tylee (previously of The Rest Is Up To You) began working on songs Jarrett had started writing his senior year of college. They soon joined forces with Kenny Adams and Eduardo Fuentes in the fall of 2013 and the group quickly grabbed a foothold in the local music scene. The momentum for the band kept building and they quickly found themselves on the road playing shows all around the east coast.

In May 2014 they went into the studio and began recording their debut EP "Grass On The Field", which was released on October 18th, 2014. In November Eduardo decided to leave the band and they soon found new bassist Donny Sills, who not only brought a unique style to the band but also brought new songs. Now with a new line-up and more passion than ever they are planning big things for the coming year. Using rhythmic lyrics, catchy riffs, hard hitting drums, and an eclectic mix of influences The Water Between is ready to wet your whistle with amazing music.

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