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Pine Fever

Pine Fever began with five musicians who walked very different paths musically and who met at the great crossroads of the universe that is Buffalo, New York. Alex Cline (Trumpet) took the way of the rails, traveling all over the U.S.A and honing a unique playing style during a prolonged stay in New Orleans. Patrick “Thor” Johnson (Stand -Up Bass) made his way to Western New York from Orange County and made a name for himself playing bass in the hard rock band Chylde. Jacob Verghese (Banjo) learned the banjo in the mountains of North Carolina and made his way up to Buffalo with little more than a good feeling. These three rose from the ashes of Reverend Soapbox and his Rabble Rousers and clashed and conjoined with the two Evil Things... Levi Van Cleve (Resonator Guitar) hails from Lockport New York, the same city that gave us Joyce Carol Oates and Timothy McVeigh, and decided that the best way to be a full time scumbag was to play the guitar. Andy Pothier (Drums/Mandolin) decided at an early age that he was too good for Canada, didn't need their damned socialized health care, and packed up his drums and moved to the city of Niagara Falls-- where dreams do come true?
Together they make a sound that harkens back to a distant past and play it so loud and so fast that they already hear it in the future. Call it old time, call it americana, call it jugband, or call it shit-- all you need to love it is a heart that beats and a soul that wants to be raised high unto the heavens. You see them on the street corner and suddenly your foot is tapping and soon your body follows suit and then you become the definition of euphoria, at least until the song ends. And for Pine Fever the song never ends. . .

Bird Step

Bird Step.





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