What do you get when you combine a Grammy Winning trombonist known for his wild dancing on various television shows with a Juilliard trumpet player turned prolific music producer? You get Tachyon! A pop indie band that leaves fans with an emotionally stirring and sonically astounding experience!

Tachyon co-leaders Jonathan Arons and James Cage have earned their stripes in the industry as horn players backing up and arranging for such music titans as Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, and Jon Bon Jovi as members of the world famous Chops horns section.

After years of backing up other artists, Arons and Cage decided to team up to be front and center. Aside from playing on Dave Holland's jazz big band Grammy Winning album Overtime, Arons' experience in the limelight included appearances on America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Fallon, and Maury as an eccentric dancing trombone player. Believing he was more than just a dancing horn player, Arons wanted to showcase his singing and wrote music that told stories of the tumultuous relationships and spirituality in his life. Cage, a trumpet player graduate from Julliard, had been cultivating his production, engineering, and mixing skills over the years, getting various songs licensed and mixing for artists such as Frenchie Davis (finalist on NBC’s The Voice: Season 1) and Janice Robinson of Kobalt Music.

Tachyon's music is the result of two years working together in Cage's Newark home studio. What separates their music from other bands' is how each song could be classified into a separate genre and yet they all have a unique unifying sound. Each song is fresh with ideas from the next so that audiences are left to wonder what's coming next, which brings us to their name. Tachyon, in theoretical physics, is a particle that moves FASTER than the speed of light, so you never see it coming, much like the transcendence of their music, and unpredictability of their styles and subject matter. A few of their songs also appropriately have sci-fi overtones like Aliens and the upcoming first single Time Machine!

Influences include among others Fun, Passion Pit, Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Green Day, Jamiroquai, and Roy Ayers.

A Better Class Of Criminal

After a long awaited search for a new rock project, A Better Class of Criminal formed in the Fall of 2011 by Chris Rivera (Vocals - Queens, NY) and Jake Sciscio (Guitar - Elverson, PA). While seeking like minded musicians via Craigslist, the two contacted one another and immediately started writing material for their first CD. The two would self record rough ideas and send them back and forth via email. Strangely enough, the two had yet to formally meet each other even though they had made such steady progress writing plenty of material. After a formal introduction, the two brainstormed a game plan for the next step. They continued the search for the missing pieces. After continuous combing through internet ads, they finally found the perfect fit with Ben Witkowsky (Lead Vocals - Hatboro, PA). With a new member, ABCOC immediately headed into Overlook Studio and recorded their first single, "Chasing Dreams". With other rough ideas forming, they hit the studio throughout the remaining months to record their first EP, 'The Here and Now'. Which is to be released of Fall of 2013. In the meantime, they look forward to playing as many shows as possible and hope to make their mark on the east coast music scene.

While fusing together classic rock'n'roll and hip hop, A Better Class of Criminal brings a different element to the music scene. With influences ranging from Rage Against the Machine to Black Sabbath, from Beastie Boys to Iron Maiden, and from Cage The Elephant to Wild Cherry, A Better Class of Criminal has founded a certain unique blending of styles that seem to co-exist flawlessly. While sick of all of the 'same old same old', 'it's been done before', and 'they all sound the same' attitude towards the music scene, they set out to be their own category when compared to the rest of the bands out there today. With Ben Witkowsky's incredible range and natural tone, it is without question that his unique and distinct voice brings so much to their recognizable sound. However, acquiring full potential is also accredited to Chris Rivera. He delivers clever, catchy, and hard-hitting raps which backs-up and compliments Ben's vocals very well. The two share the front man spot resulting in an unblemished combination and maximum range of diversity. Emerging a culminating performance of traditional lead vocals welded with today's rap influences. It is the perfect recipe of rock and hip hop. The guitars and bass are taken over by Jake Sciscio. His creative, catchy, and straight up fun rock riff oriented style is just another staple to ABCOC's unique sound. He dynamically dominates with thick and roaring power chords while still providing articulate 'shred-fed' riffs and solos for all of the in betweens. Backing it up with simple yet recognizable bass leads. Even with out a drummer, ABCOC holds ground with solid beats and 'in the pocket' grooves that are just the beginning to the band's repertoire. With all of these elements finally rolled into one project, it is clearly understood why A Better Class of Criminal is set aside from the rest of the bands out there today. Rest assured that their own personal twist on music will climax (giggity) your experience of today's rock music. Leaving you bobbing your head, jumping to the beat, and singing along at every performance. Guaranteed.

Does anyone actually read the whole thing? Haha.

Dave Kardas Band

Dave Kardas plays fusion and blues in NYC, Ct and Austin Texas at this time. Playing bass with Dave is Brian Buster, and Tony Filyaw on Drums. Dave has been very actiive this past year playing in NYC at Iridium, Sugar Bar, National Underground and Shrine along with several clubs this year in Austin Texas, Carousal Lounge, Headhunters, Elephant Room, Cedar Door and Amarillo Music Hall. Dave's compositions have been selected to be played on The Real Radio Show Times Square, Artist First, Midnight Special Blues Radio in Paris France, Indie Radio 104 LA, KanalJazz and Uptown Blues Network.

My compositions and playing come from several influences, mainly Mike Stern, Larry Carlton, John Scofield, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others. A Graduate of Hartt School of Music, I have taken lessons with Larry Coryell, Jackie McLean and Sal Salvador.

I have been writing new music both instrumental and with me on the vocals, tunes such as Paradise and Broken Ankle(with Brian), both can be heard on You Tube, we are planning a new CD to be recorded over the winter. The band is planning a Southwest Tour in mid March to Austin, Texas and other southern cities.

Morgan D.

Morgan D. is a band with a very original sound and contagious energy.



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