We are a Funk Soul quartet based out of Denver, CO. Female vocals, funk bass and trumpet and pocket drums makes this band a refreshing new sound to the scene.

Megan Letts & The Shameless Get Down

As we move and groove to the beats we stylishly repeat, you can't help but move your feet as you shamelessly get down.

Von Stomper

Fort Collins based band featuring the songs and styles of Wolf Van Elfmand, Dane Mark, Taylor Shuck, Mark Austin, and Luke Callen.

Hobo Swagger

Hobo Swagger was born on the night of The Comedians last show in Longmont, CO at The Dickens Opera House. That night, The Comedians were done with the laughs and had to separate. They immediately reformed between songs and finished their set as Hobo Swagger. Josh, Peter, and John are still the remaining members but from that night forth they will be known as Hobo Swagger.
The sounds and styles of Hobo Swagger is not comparable to any other one band. With the funky bass lines, heavy drums, and groovy guitar rhythms, people are consistently on their feet moving and grooving with the beat. With influences across the board from classic rock to experimental funk to metal and all the way back to dub reggae, Hobo Swagger is coming with a sound that will pierce your eardrums and sooth them in unison.

Madam Sin

part blues. part jazz. part rock. part soul. 100% wicked!

$3.00 - $6.00


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