Aitas with Space Monster and Peregrine Perspective


"A revolution must start. It must start within the hearts of every human of every country of every continent. It must swell at first with a humbling sense of honesty and then finally explode into a realization that he is Man, that he is connected fully with Nature, the Universe, and all in it; it must take hold the great minds of the world and help them to realize that they are their own souls, their own men, and their own decider. A revolution of heart, soul and mind."

Space Monster

Space Monster is an original idea, nothing more than "music has no rules," so we have tried to combine as many different styles as we can grasp. For that reason we haven't been able to be consistently labeled but to be honest we mostly attract to blues, funk, jazz, ska, reggae, and good old rock and roll. But lets start this story - we're from St. Paul, Minnesota. We started playing music on top of a korean restaurant two years ago. John Hanson on drums, Chris Marti on guitar, then came Jon Housworth on bass guitar. Since that moment, we have been increasing our original repertoire of music - we have almost 3 hours of music we enjoy playing without breaks and can play our upcoming album front to back without a single REST. We've also rounded out our sound with Jeff Chous on keys/khaos pad, giving us new avenues to embark on our musical adventures. We're bringing our funky, spaced out jams to the Twin Cities - or your computer right now. Either way.

Peregrine Perspective

Peregrine Perspective's conglomeration of experimental guitar work, soulful singing, and funk-soaked rhythm alludes to artists ranging from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, to Fela Kuti. Breathing new life into psychedelia, Peregrine Perspective features a variety of musical talents including Drums, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Keyboard, Sitar. Known primarily for their enigmatic live shows, Peregrine Perspective often embraces diversity of sound, playing acoustic sets featuring Djembe, 12-String Guitar, Upright Bass, Glockenspiel, and other assorted percussion.


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